May 31, 2000


CONTRACT NO. 04-0434L4


The responses to contractors' inquiries, unless incorporated into a formal addenda to the contract, are not a part of the contract and are provided for the contractor's convenience only. In some instances, the question and answer may represent a summary of the matters discussed rather than a word-for-word recitation. The responses may be considered along with all other information furnished to prospective bidders for the purpose of bidding on the project. The availability or use of information provided in the responses to contractors' inquiries is not to be construed in any way as a waiver of the provisions of Section 2-1.03 of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, the plans, Standard Specifications or Special Provisions, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with those contract requirements. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may affect or vary a response previously given, and any such subsequent response or addenda should be taken into consideration when submitting a bid for the project. Inquiries submitted within seventy-two (72 ) hours of the bid opening date might not be addressed.

The Caltrans District 4 Office is located at 111 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612. The mailing address is P.O. Box 23660, Oakland, CA 94623-0660. The Toll Bridge Program Duty Senior telephone number is (510) 286-5549, the email address for Contractor's inquiries is, and the fax number is (510) 286-4563. All inquiries must include the contract number.

Inquiry #1) (We) are requesting access to the subject project site....Please advise use of the time and location at which we should meet prior to the start of the site visit.

Two site visits will be conducted. The dates, number of spaces available and the itinerary are below. Reservations for the site visit can be made by emailing Please include firm name, number of persons, phone number, and contact person. Attendance is limited to eight (8) and reservations are made on a first come first serve basis.



May 8, 2000


May 22, 2000



Due to additional requests to visit the site, a third tour has been scheduled as follows: 



May 24, 2000




Yerba Buena Island Tunnel Portal Retrofit

9:30 AM Meet at lobby at 111 Grand Avenue, Oakland, California 94612.

9:45 AM Board Caltrans shuttle.

10:15 AM Arrive at East Portal of YBI Tunnel to observe the area of work.

10:45 AM Drive to West Portal to of YBI Tunnel to view the area of work.

11:15 AM Return to 111 Grand Avenue, Oakland  


* Safety vests.

* Hard hat with chin strap.

* Safety footwear.

* Ear protection.

* Appropriate clothing

* Safety glasses.


* All the persons must sign the Release Responsibility Form before they may go on the visit site.

* Crossing the traveled way is not permitted


Inquiry #2) I Refer to the attached advertisement and like (sic) to be provided with the following information:

A) What type of license;

Information regarding licenses are provided in the project specifications. Information about ordering plans and specifications is available at

B) Project address;

The location of the project is the Yerba Buena Island Tunnel. Please refer to the plans for more specific location information.

C) Pre-bid conference date and address, mandatory or not;

There is no pre-bid conference. Site visits will be conducted. Please see schedule and itinerary in bidder inquiry #1.

D) Where can we buy plans and specifications and the check will be drawn in which favor;

Information about ordering plans and specifications is available at the Caltrans Engineering Service Center's homepage at Plans and specifications can also be download by contacting the Division of the Office Engineer's homepage at

E) Can you give me any telephone number that we can contact for inquiry (sic)?

All bidder inquiries must be in writing. Inquiries should be sent to the Caltrans Toll Bridge Duty Senior at P.O. Box 23660, Mail Station 12-C, Oakland, California 94612, email, fax (510) 286-4563. 


Inquiry #3) In the Special Provisions, on Page 66, Paragraph #2, under "General," it states "The traffic control required for lane closure on the bridge deck of San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in this contract will be provided only by another State contractor."

A) Who is the "State contractor" referenced in this specification?

The State contractor for Contract 04-0435U4 will provide traffic control on the bridge deck of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge that is necessary to implement Contract 04-0434L4, except as provided for in Addendum #1.

B) Who pays the "State contractor"?

The State pays the State contractor for lane closures that they place on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Attention is directed to Addendum #1 and the Special Provisions, Section 10-1.15, "Maintaining Traffic."


Inquiry #4) (With regard to the Escrow Bid Documents:)

A) In assigning an authorized bidder's representative to present Escrow Bid Documents, this person will be present at the examination on the first Monday at 1:00 following the bid day. Is this assigned person there only as a company representative or will they be expected to answer questions regarding the escrow bid documents?

Our experience has been that the low bidders send a representative who is familiar with the bid documents.

B) Will subcontractor escrow bid documents also be examined on the first Monday following bid day; and if so, should they be invited to attend the examination upon request of their bid documents?

Yes. Bid documents for each subcontractor whose total subcontract exceeding $250,000 shall be enclosed with the Contractor's bid submittal and will be examined in the same manner as the Contractor's bid documentation. The subcontractor's representative should be present.

C) The first, second and third apparent low bidders, in presenting their own and subcontractor's escrow bid documents on the first Monday following bid day, (will) only the apparent low bidder's package be examined?

Only the first low bidder's bid documents will be examined. The second and third low bidder's bid documents will be sealed and placed in escrow until the bid is either awarded or the first low bidder's bid is rejected.

D) Will someone from Caltrans contact the first, second and third low bidder regarding the agreement of a commercial bank?

The Department has an agreement with a local commercial bank for the escrow of bid documents.

E) (Will) escrow bid documents be placed in an agreed bank directly following examination?



Inquiry #5)

A) Can equipment which is being used continuously be left within the Temporary Construction Easement during non-working hours?

Equipment can be stored within the temporary construction easement. See Addendum #1.

B) State Property (Area within the R/W) and the temporary construction easement overlap. Can the contractor store equipment on State Property and  can the contractor provide for storage areas at the East Side On & Off Ramps to Yerba Buena Island, provided they are in accordance with Section 5-1.10 "Public Safety"?

The Contractor may be able to arrange storage in accordence with Section 5-1.26, "Area for Contractor Use," of the Special Provisions. As of this date, it is not known if any areas are available.

C) Section 5-1.31 Licenses: U.S. Navy License, Special Provisions, Item No. 14 allows for the storage of specified equipment on the premises. Does Addendum No. 1 change that exception?

Addendum #1 clarifies where equipment may be stored within the temporary construction easement.

D) U.S. Navy License, Special Provisions, Item No. 17 require all material removed from the site be tested for lead. The special provisions does not require additional testing. Is the contractor required by the Navy to perform additional testing?

No. The data from "Site Investigation Report, Yerba Buena Island Tunnel, Seismic Retrofit Project, San Francisco, California," dated April 1999, meets the license requirements.


Inquiry #6) Re: Tieback Anchors and Rock Bolts

A) On the tiebacks, what is the purpose of a recessed nut vs. a speherical hex nut and where do you find them?

The recessed nut with spherical plate is designed to minimize the impact to the existing portal walls. The nut and plate can be custom fabricated or purchased from:

Dywidag Systems International
2154 South Street
Long Beach, California 90805
(562) 531-6161

B) The Drill hole diameter calls out 4-1/2": w/2-1/4" o.d. for corr duct, which means due to the fact that the specs require 1" greater than o.d. of corr duct and min. of 1-1/4" grout cover between the steel pipe means a minimum of 6-1/2" drill hole.

The diameter of the cored holes in the existing portal walls may be too small for the #11 bars. The diameter of the cored hole may be revised as directed by the Engineer.

C) With regards to the rock anchor, same as above for drill hole except that there is a smooth sheathing over corr duct which increases the minimums and gives you a 7" drill hole.

The Contractor determines the diameter of the drilled holes.

D) Why is the galvanized steel cap so large when o.d. of spherical hex nut is approx o.d. of 3-1/4"? (The normal cap size is 4".)

The rock bolt bearing plate is designed to compensate for variation in rock properties.