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Contracts for this Project
Contract# 04-043824. Retrofit project for the Main Span, Foundations and Towers.
Contractor Inquiries.

Contract# 04-043844. Retrofit project for the Main Span Superstructure, Approach and Widen Trestle.
Contractor Inquiries.

Contract # 04-0438U4. Retrofit Project for the Superstructure and the Substructure. The two contracts above were combined.
  • Contractor Outreach Briefing for 7/12/99.
    • Click here to view the list of contractors that attended the briefing.
    • Question & Answer Transcript from the July 12, 1999 Contractor Outreach Briefing. Choose the format of your choice. (Word), (Acrobat), (HTML).

  • Special Provisions(.pdf format, ~1.2meg file)
    Addendum 1 Addendum 2 Addendum 3
    Addendum 4 Addendum 5 Addendum 6
    Addendum 7 Addendum 8 Addendum 9
    Addendum 10 Addendum 11  

  • Other Documents - List of permits, agreements and documents available for downloading.
  • Contractor Inquiries/Site Tour Info

  • Plan Holders List(as of 8/8/00) A list of contractors who bought plans and specs for this contract. The list comes from the Office of Office Engineer server.

  • Bid Results and Summary List of contractors that bid on the project, list of subcontractors and list of items with bid amounts.

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    Links outside of Caltrans.
  • Harbor Seal Survey. A link to the program that studies the potential effects of the Richmond Bridge retrofit on the harbor seals.
  • UC Berkeley Exhibit, Bridging the Bay.This site contains several historic pictures and documents regarding the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.
  • City of Richmond
  • Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) The entity responsible for implementing and completing Measure C as approved by the voters of Contra Costa County.
  • City of San Rafael
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