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Contractor: Capriati Construction Corp. Inc. Contact: Josh Picking
Address: 1020 Wigwam Parkway Henderson, NV 89074
Phone: 702 547-1182 Fax: 702 547-0598 Email:
Services needed: Lead Compliance Plan, Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control System, Temporary Pavement Marking & Traffic Striping, Portable Changeable Message Sign, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, Demolition,Clearing & Grubbing, Landscape & Irrigation,Erosion Control, Asphalt Paving, Concrete & Concrete Supplies, Signage, Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Sewer Pipe, Traffic Striping, Electrical
Requirements: Subcontractors must be prepared to furnish payment and performance bonds issued by a california admitted surety. Subcontractor must possess current general commercial liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. We are an equal opportunity employer.
Date posted: 06/05/2014
Contractor: Hazard Construction Contact: Don Gladden
Address: 6465 Marindustry Place San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 858-587-3600 Fax: 858-453-6034 Email:
Services needed: Lead compliance; Construction area signs; Traffic control; Pavement marking and striping; Storm water pollution prevention plan; Erosion control; Handle treated wood waste; Noise monitoring; Irrigation system work; Roadside sign work; Remove existing concrete; Clear & grubb; Geogrid material; Highway planting; Jointed plain concrete pavement; Grind existing concrete pavement; CIDH concrete pile sign foundation; Minor concrete, minor structure; Sign structure truss, furnish and place; Storm drainage; Grated line drain; Minor concrete (curb, sidewalk, curb ramp, and gutter); Sewerage work; Midwest guardrail system & appurtenances; Concrete barrier (type 736 mod); Signal, lighting, traffic monitoring, and ramp metering electrical work
Requirements: NOTES: A complete set of plans, specifications and any addendums that may be issued for this project are available for your review at no charge in our plan room, on our FTP site or visit the agency?s website. *** THIS IS A PREVAILING WAGE PROJECT *** IMPORTANT! We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We seek and encourage bids from certified SLBE, ELBE, DBE, UDBE, DVBE, SBE, MBE, WBE and OBE businesses. If your scope of work requires materials, please consider and list suppliers on your quote. For all public projects Payment and Performance Bonds are required for 100% of the subcontract amount. Hazard will Compensate for up to 3% for the required Bonds. Please contact Hazard Construction Company should you need assistance in obtaining bonding, lines of credit or required insurance, equipment, supplies and or materials. Please visit our website to view Hazard Construction Company?s Insurance Requirements for General Liability, Auto and Workers? Compensation for Subcontractors at
Date posted: 06/11/2014