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Contractor: Bowman Asphalt Contact: Brittany Gonzalez
Address: 3351 Fairhaven Dr. Bakersfield, CA 93308
Phone: 661-334-1356 Fax: 661-334-1879 Email:
Services needed: Bowman Asphalt, Inc. is requesting bids for the folowing trades and/or supplies: Lead Compliance Plan, Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control System, Flashing Beacon (Portable), Portable Changeable Message Sign (EA), Job Site Management, Prepare Water Pollution Control Program, Temporary Creek Diversion System, Street Sweeping, Temporary Concrete Washout, Treated Wood Waste, Remove Concrete (Miscellaneous) (SQFT), Temporary High-Visibility Fence, Clearing and Grubbing (LS), Roadway Excavation, Class 2 Aggregate Base (CY), Hot Mix Asphalt (Type A), Structural Concrete, Headwall, Minor Concrete, 24" PLastic Pipe, Remove Culvert (EA), Culvert Slurry-Cement Backfill, Minor Concrete (Curb) (CY), Minor Concrete (Gutter) (CY), Detectable Warning Surface, Minor Concrete (Curb and Gutter), Minor Concrete (Driveway), Minor Concrete (Sidewalk), Remove Concrete (Curb and Gutter), Emergency Vehicle Detection System, Paint Curb (2-Coat), Reconstruct Chain Link Fence, Reconstruct Chain Link Roll Gate, Remove Roadside Sign, Salvage Roadside Sign (Turnable Metal Post), Relocate Roadside Sign-One Post, Roadside Sign-Turnable Metal Post, Furnish Single Sheet Aluminum Sign (0.063"-Unframed), Furnish Single Sheet Aluminum Sign (0.063"-Unframed) for Retroreflective Sheeting (Type XI), Furnish Single Sheet Aluminum Sign (0.080"-Unframed) for Retroreflective Sheeting (Type XI), Roadside Sign-One Post, Retroreflective Sheeting (Type XI), Roadside Sign (One Square Metal Post), Install Sign (Strap and Saddle Bracket Method), Install Sign (Mast-Arm Hanger Method), Install Sign (Mounted on Mast-Arm), Thermoplastic Crosswalk and Pavement Marking, Paint Traffic Stripe (2-Coat), Remove Painted Traffic Stripe, Remove Thermoplastic Pavement Marking, Signal and Lighting System, Removing Existing Electrical System, All Trucking and Materal.
Requirements: Bowman Asphalt, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We intend to negotiate in good faith with all qualified DVBE Subcontractors and Suppliers for project participation. Any item of work, portion of an item, or combination thereof, will be considered. Please contact our office prior to bid date. If you have any questions, need assistance in obtaining plans and specs, bonding, lines of credit, insurance, equipment, supplies and materials or related assistance in services, please contact our office. Subcontractors must possess a current contractor's license, insurance and worker's compensation coverage. By submitting a proposal, the bidder affirms that they have carefully examined ALL the bidding documents/Addenda and that from his/her own investigation, they have satisfied themselves as to the nature and location of the work. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to call our office at (661) 334-1356. Items of work may be broken down into economically feasible packages to encourage participation. Bowman Asphalt, Inc. intends to work cooperatively with all qualified firms seeking work on this project.
Date posted: 08/30/2017
Contractor: PTM General Engineering Services, Inc. Contact: Elizabeth McRae
Address: 5942 Acorn St Riverside, CA 92504
Phone: 951-710-1000 Fax: 951-710-1006 Email:
Services needed: PTM General Engineering Services, Inc. is requesting bids from qualified and certified DBE subcontractors and suppliers for the above mentioned project for the following trades including but not limited to: Lead Compliance Plan 070030, Construction Area Signs 120090, Traffic Control System 120100, Flashing Beacon (Portable) 120200, Portable Changeable Message Sign (EA) 128651, Job Site Management 13010, Prepare Water Pollution Control Program 130200, Temporary Creek Diversion System 033662, Street Sweeping 130730, Temporary Concrete Washout 130900, Treated Wood Waste 141120, Remove Concrete (Miscellaneous)(SQFT) 153248, Temporary High-Visibility Fence 160110, Clearing and Grubbing (LS) 170103, Roadway Excavation 190101, Class 2 Aggregate Base (CY) 260203, Hot Mix Asphalt (Type A) 390132, Structural Concrete Headwall 510092, Minor Concrete 510501, 24? Plastic Pipe 641113, Remove Culvert (EA) 710130, Culvert Slurry- Cement Backfill 710368, Minor Concrete (Curb) (CY) 730020, Minor Concrete (Gutter)(CY) 730045, Detectable Warning Surface 730070, Minor Concrete (Curb and Gutter) 731504, Minor Concrete (Driveway) 731516, Minor Concrete (Sidewalk) 731521, Remove Concrete (Curb and Gutter) 731840, Emergency Vehicle Detection System 03363, Paint Curb (2-Coat) 780433, Reconstruct Chain Link Fence 803140, Reconstruct Chain Link Roll Gate 033664, Remove Roadside Sign 820250, Salvage Roadside Sign (Turnable Metal Post 033665, Relocate Roadside Sign 820590, Roadside Sign-Turnable Metal Post 033666, Furnish Single Sheet Aluminum Sign (0.063?-Unframed) 820750,Furnish Single Sheet Aluminum Sign (0.063? Unframed) For Retroreflective Sheeting (Type XI) 033667, Furnish Single Sheet Aluminum Sign (0.080?- Unframed) For Retroreflective Sheeting (Type XI) 033668, Roadside Sign- One Post 820840, Retroreflective Sheeting (Type XI) 033669, Roadside Sign (One Square Metal Post) 033670,Install Sign (Strap and Saddle Bracket Method) 820860, Install Sign (Mast- Arm Hanger Method) 820880, Install Sign (Mounted on Mast- Arm) 033671, Thermoplastic Crosswalk and Pavement Marking 840519, Paint Traffic Stripe (2-Coat) 840656, Remove Painted Traffic Stripe 846020, Remove Thermoplastic Pavement Marking 846035, Signal and Lighting System 870400, Remove Existing Electrical System 872140, Electrical Material Suppliers, Electrical Contractors, Civil Contractors, Striping Subcontractors. Plans and specs are available for your review at our office, or by sending in a request by email: or phone 951.710.1000, or clicking on the following link: For assistance with bonding, insurance, or lines of credit contact our office and ask for Elizabeth. Your quote should be sent to our office by 10:00am on the date of the bid.
Requirements: PTM General Engineering Services, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. Quotes must be in accordance with project plans and specs along with addendums for the duration of the project. This project is a prevailing wage public job with federal aid. Subcontractors must possess a current contractor's license, insurance coverage meeting project requirements, possess current DIR number, and DBE certified... Material suppliers must be DBE certified. Subcontractors and material suppliers must meet the CUF ?Commercial Useful Function? so the participation goal is accepted towards the Good Faith Effort. Non-DBE subcontractors /suppliers are to indicate 2nd tier DBE participation offered in your quote for evaluation with price. We will work with all interested subs and suppliers to break down items into economically feasible units to facilitate DBE participation. Bonds may be required.
Date posted: 09/18/2017
Contractor: California Professional Engineering, Inc. Contact: Van Nguyen
Address: 929 Otterbein Avenue, Unit E La Puente, CA 91748
Phone: 626-810-1338 Fax: 626-810-1322 Email:
Services needed:
Date posted: 09/18/2017