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Contract Document Information

Point of Contact for:



Plans and Bid Documents
Office Hours 7:00 am to 3:30 pm

(916) 227-6259

(916) 227-6248

For Prompt ordering via FAX

(916) 227-6248

Accounting Inquiries

(800) 404-7787

Bid Results

(916) 654-5500

DBE AND DVBE Certification

(916) 227-9599

Publications (such as the Standard Specifications,
Standard Plans, Manuals, etc)

(916) 445-3520

(916) 324-8997

Bid Documents via FAX Form

Contractors can download the document needed to FAX in their Bid requests. You can download this "Bid Request" document by clicking here.. Bid Request Forms.

Adobe Acrobat Viewer:
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to be able to view and print the document. If you do NOT have Acrobat Reader installed, you can go to Adobe's web site for a free copy of Acrobat Reader.

For technical questions regarding Advertised Projects and all questions regarding addenda, please refer to the Notice to Contractors located in the bid documents.


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