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2006 Standard Plans-Erratum No. 1

June 30, 2006

Subject: Issuance of 2006 Revised Standard Plans

The following 2006 Revised Standard Plans (RSPs), dated June 30, 2006, are being
issued and distributed in electronic format:

RSP A74, "Survey Monuments"
RSP B11-68, "California ST-10 Bridge Rail (Sheet 1 of 3)"
RSP ES-7E, "Electrical Systems (Signal and Lighting Standard Case 3 Arm
Loading Wind Velocity=100 MPH Arm Lengths 15' to 45')"

2006 Standard Plan based projects must include these RSPs, as applicable, for:

Projects in Division of Engineering Services - Office Engineer (DES-OE) not
Draft Contract Ready by June 30, 2006.

Projects, including AADD, received in the DES-OE after June 30, 2006.

RSP A74 has been revised to add a Marker Disk to the Type B Survey Monument details.
RSP B11-68 has been revised to revise the Typical Rail Section details.
RSP ES-7E has been revised to revise the table value of the CIDH Pile Foundation Depth
from 7' to 9'.

Each of the listed RSPs are available in DGN , DWG and PDF file format and are
integrated into the list of 2006 Standard Plans at Caltrans Internet Website:


The listed RSPs are available also in:

1. One PDF file for easy downloading and printing, click here.

2. TIF files for use in AADD projects:


The Standard Plans List SSP (StdPln) has been revised to go along with the 2006 Erratum No. 1 and is posted on the internet:




For questions or information regarding the Standard Plans information, please contact Santo Wong

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