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Inquiry #1: Questions regarding the Contractor-Supplied Biologist (CSB)
Question 1:
Can you provide clarification regarding the following conflicting requirements?
-The Bid Item List indicates that 45 days are allotted for the CSB.
-Section 14-6.03A paragraph item 3 indicates that the CSB will be on-site daily.
-The contractor has 75-days to complete the work.
If the project exceeds 45-days then the existing CSB price cannot be calculated accurately. Should a daily price be listed rather than a 45-day price?

Question 2:
Because the total cost has to also pay for Precon Surveys and a BRIP should this be reflected in the daily price used in the 45-day calculation or should these be separate line items?

Inquiry submitted 08/09/2017

Response #1:submitted for consideration
Response posted 08/10/2017

Response #2:Question 1:
Work for which the Contractor Supplied Biologist is required on site is estimated to be 45 days. The rate is per/day, the quantity is 45 days. Please see 2015 Standard Specifications, Section 9 Payment, and Section 9-1.03 Payment Scope. See Special Provisions, Section 14 Environmental Stewardship, for Contractor Supplied Biologist duties and requirements.

Question 2:
The cost for developing and delivering the Biological Resource Information Program (BRIP) should be included in the daily price bid (Item 10). There are no other line items for payment to the Contractor Supplied Biologist.
Please bid per current contract documents.

Response posted 08/14/2017

Inquiry #2: Section 30-5.01D(4)(d) Smoothness states "Correct MRI greater than 75 in/mi for a 0.1-mile section and areas of localized roughness greater than 180 in/mi". Will an Addendum be issued to reflect the latest Standard of "Correct MRI greater than 90 in/mi for a 0.1-mile section and areas of localized roughness greater than 240 in/mi".
Inquiry submitted 08/11/2017

Response #1:submitted for consideration
Response posted 08/14/2017

Response #2:Please bid per current contract documents.
Response posted 08/28/2017

Inquiry #3: Regarding Contractor-Supplied Biologist:
Is there an NES for the project that is available?

Inquiry submitted 08/18/2017

Response #1:submitted for consideration
Response posted 08/21/2017

Response #2:Please see Addendum No.2.
Response posted 08/28/2017

Inquiry #4: On Page 48 of Contract 08-1H1004, the requirement of Surface Abrasion Loss, California Test 360 is referenced. However, the Caltrans Construction Policy Directive 00-3 Dated May 11, 2000 mandates that the CT 360 test method be removed in areas where chain wear is not a concern and/or equipment is not available to perform the referenced test. Based on our correspondence with numerous testing laboratories and Caltrans Southern Regional Lab, we could not identify a non-Caltrans laboratories certified by Caltrans Independent Assurance to perform the CT360 as the testing equipment is no longer available. Per Caltrans Construction Policy Directive 00-3 will Caltrans remove the requirement for CT360 or issue a no cost change order to the successful bidder removing the CT 360 test requirement?
Inquiry submitted 08/21/2017

Response #1:Please see Addendum No. 2.
Response posted 08/28/2017

The information provided in the responses to bidder inquiries is not a waiver of Section 2-1.07, “JOB SITE AND DOCUMENT EXAMINATION” of the Standard Specifications or any other provision of the contract, nor to excuse the contractor from full compliance with the contract. Bidders are cautioned that subsequent responses or contract addenda may change a previous response.