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Inquiry #1: Where's the pay item for Salvage Crash Cushion System and Crash Cushion Modules? Thanks
Inquiry submitted 02/20/2014

Response #1:This is a not separate pay item designated with the letter (N) on sheets Q-1 and Q-2 of the project plans.
Response posted 02/21/2014

Inquiry #2: on Sheet Q-1, according to note 1, do ALL locations need a NEW 6" reinforced concrete pad per manufacturers specs?
or can the existing concrete pad and/or asphalt pavement be used???
I understand that if the current crash cushions are sitting on dirt/native materials, a new concrete pad must be placed.

the manufacturers allow the installation on concrete or asphalt

please review and advise

Inquiry submitted 02/24/2014

Response #1:Yes, all locations require a new reinforced concrete pad per manufacturers specification.
Response posted 02/25/2014

Inquiry #3: Item# 5
This is only 320 feet with 37 locations and the manufacturers recommendations are that the cushions be installed on a concrete slab? Can the State clarify the quantities? It would be impossible to gut the section out, pour new slab and let it cure, and fasten the cushions to the new slab all in one shift?

Inquiry submitted 02/25/2014

Response #1:Item # 5 is for location# 21 only.
All other locations are full comp, contractor is responsible for making sure that the location is safe for the next shift.

Response posted 02/25/2014

Inquiry #4: Aside from the (13) sand filled barrel locations, may the contractor remove the existing crash system and reuse the existing pads?
Inquiry submitted 02/25/2014

Response #1:Price of a new concrete pad is already considered in the item price.
Response posted 02/25/2014

Inquiry #5: We request that Caltrans submit an addendum for a pay Item on the 37 reinforced concrete slabs and related work that is required?
Inquiry submitted 02/25/2014

Response #1:Your inquiry has been received and is being reviewed. Thank you for your patience.
Response posted 02/25/2014

Response #2:Please read pages 36 through 40 of the special provisions. This will provide a response to your question.
Response posted 02/26/2014

Inquiry #6: On plan Sheets Q-1 and Q-2 Salvage Crash Cushion is noted as (N) Not a separate pay item.
1) Is the cost of salvaging the existing crash cushions and modules to be included in the price of installation for new crash cushions?
2) Are the salvaged crash cushions and modules to be taken to a Cal-trans facility or to be disposed of at a dump site?

Inquiry submitted 02/26/2014

Response #1:1)Yes.
2) Caltrans facility.

Response posted 02/26/2014

Inquiry #7: how is the contractor to leave the areas safe for the next shift without the use of a temporary barrier such as k-rail and crash cushions??? some areas are very tight and would not have enough room for proper tapers and or room to fit a set of crash cushions in front of the work area.
also, isn't it Caltrans, as the owner, responsibility to indicate what type of temporary protection is required and the layout of such protection? i.e.: location and type of crash cushion array and k-rail

please review and advise
thank you

Inquiry submitted 02/26/2014

Response #1:All locations other than Location # 21, require only the replacing of the existing crash cushion.
For location # 21 the work involved more than replacing the existing crash cushion, that is why there is a separate item for Temporary railing.

Response posted 02/27/2014

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