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Inquiry #1: In section 40-5.02A, why is volumetric proportioning not allowed?
Inquiry submitted 06/23/2014

Response #1:Section 40-5.02A was not found. Please clarify.
Response posted 07/03/2014

Inquiry #2: On sheet 39 of the plans, the detail for the Minor Concrete (Textured Paving) shows 3 1/2" of Class 3 Aggregate Base under the Minor Concrete. As there is no item for the Class 3 Aggregate Base, how is the base and the excavation paid for?
Inquiry submitted 07/02/2014

Response #1:Please see Addendum #1 dated 08/14/14.
Response posted 07/03/2014

Inquiry #3: Can the State please provide Layout Sheets for this project.
Inquiry submitted 08/05/2014

Response #1:There are no Layout Sheets for this project. Everything is in table format.
Response posted 08/05/2014

Inquiry #4: Ramp closure charts #137, #138 and #139 are for the same ramp/ramps (Mulholland Dr./Valley Circle Blvd) going north bound. Which closure chart takes precedence? Please clarify.
Inquiry submitted 08/12/2014

Response #1:Yes they are for the same ramp. But they have different hours and different closure requirements. Contractor shall pick and use the ones they desire and conform with the hours and closure requirements.
Response posted 08/12/2014

Inquiry #5: In reviewing the ramp closure charts, I could not find one for the southbound Burbank Blvd. on-ramp. Please review and clarify.
Inquiry submitted 08/12/2014

Response #1:Please take a look at the Map. We beleive you are talking about the SB Route 101 Reseda Blvd On-Ramp since we don't call that Burbank Blvd. See Chart 111.
Response posted 08/12/2014

Inquiry #6: Typical Pavement Structural Section 3 is 1.00' Individual Precast Slab Replacement over 0.35' Replace Base. As shown the replace base is thinner than the precast slab. The quantities for the base is 4,320 CY and for the precast slab is 3,250 CY. Shouldn't the replace base quantity be approx. 1,137 CY?
Inquiry submitted 08/18/2014

Response #1:The quantity is an estimate based on anticipated field conditions. Subject to change.
Response posted 08/18/2014

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