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Inquiry #1: I do not see in the specifications the liquidated damages for each working day by which the project exceeds the total time allowed for completion. Please provide the liquidated damages in correlation for the bid bond to be submitted with the bid proposal.
Inquiry submitted 02/03/2014

Response #1:Please refer to Section 8-1.10 "Liquidated Damages" of the 2010 Standard Specifications.
Response posted 02/03/2014

Inquiry #2: On Plan Sheet 11, boxed note 8 says to remove conductors & conduit. What is the extent of conduit removal?

Inquiry submitted 02/06/2014

Response #1:The conduit does not need to be removed, just the conductors except the system interconnect to Hillcrest Drive.

Response posted 02/06/2014

Inquiry #3: Page 6 of the Special Provisions states C.T. will furnish a new cabinet for the new 2070 controller. Which type cabinet?

Plan Sheet 11 shows the removals. Controller & cab not mentioned.
Plan Sheet 12, boxed note 3 says to install the model 2070 controller. No mention of a new cab. The designation for controllers on all plans, show as existing.

My interpretation is that the contractor will install the new controller & gear in the existing cabinet. If wrong, please set me straight.

Inquiry submitted 02/06/2014

Response #1:There are no new cabinets. The model 2070 controller will be installed in the existing cabinet.

Response posted 02/06/2014

Inquiry #4: Please disregard my previous inquiry, regarding the 2070 controller. Sorry.
Inquiry submitted 02/06/2014

Response #1:This question has been disregarded.
Response posted 02/06/2014

Inquiry #5: Per Addendum 2, Boxed Note 7 is deleted on Plan Sheet E-1. Meaning no conductor removal. Therefor, I would reuse Conduit Run 2 conductors, for example. Conduit Run 3 has the exact conductors. Even though the Conduit & Conductor Schedule show the conductors new, it's my interpretation that we would pull back all conductors, and reinstall in new conduit run 3 and thru existing conduit run 2. I will use the same line of thinking for the other conduit runs, unless directed otherwise. Adding to the confusion are the (2) #8 Service conductors in run 15, shown as existing. Maybe a new conductor schedule, reflecting your actual intent would be helpful.
Inquiry submitted 03/04/2014

Response #1:For Addendum number 2, Boxed Note 7 is deleted on plan sheet E-1 and replaced with legend AB from the standard plans. The definition of AB on ES-1A is “Abandon. If applied to conduit, remove conductors.” So the conductors are to be removed where an AB is indicated and on sheet E-2 we will use the same conduit and install new conductors. The only conduit and conductors that will not be touched are run 15.
Response posted 03/05/2014

Inquiry #6: My previous inguiry regarding Addendum 2 & boxed note 7 was referring to Plan Sheet E-1. I may have left that out.

Inquiry submitted 03/04/2014

Response #1:Please see response for question 5.
Response posted 03/05/2014

Inquiry #7: 1) The existing ADA ramp on the northeast corner is to be replaced. It is colored concrete. There is no mention of that, nor is any spec or color choice provided. My interpretation is that the new ramp will not be colored. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

2) At Pole location C, the median is so narrow, and the adjacent pull box so close that removal of the foundation will certainly damage both. May the contractor place the new Type 15 foundation 5' south of the existing pole, intercept the conduit going to the box and abandon the Type 1A foundation?

3) Is there any chance that the TMC can open the work window? Six hours, including traffic control leaves little time for productivity.

Sorry for the late questions.

Inquiry submitted 03/05/2014

Response #1:1) The new ramp will not be colored. 2) The contractor may place the new Type 15 foundation 5’ south of the existing pole. 3) NO.
Response posted 03/05/2014

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