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Inquiry #1: Drawings DD-14 & DD-15 reference an EBASF. There is no references to this drainage structure on any other drawings except in the Summary of Media Filter Quantities, Drawing 9. Where is the structure located and what are the dimensions?
Inquiry submitted 09/23/2013

Response #1:Drawings DD-14 & DD-15 are generic EBASF details. For information and details not shown on L-1, DD-12 and DQ-9,
you refer to DD-14 and DD-15 for reference.

Response posted 09/23/2013

Inquiry #2: We cannot locate where bid item 80 & 81 are to be installed Joint Seal (Type A) & Joint Seal (Type AL) respectively. Please let us know what draqing these items are located on.
Inquiry submitted 09/27/2013

Response #1:Bid Item 80 has been deleted per Addendum #2. For Item 81, refer to AVSF DETAILS No. 2 (Plan Sheet 26, WD-5).
Response posted 09/27/2013

Inquiry #3: We are unable to locate the quantity needed and location of bid item #67. Please advise of the location of the signs on the plans.
Inquiry submitted 09/27/2013

Response #1:The reclaimed water signs are required on IP-7 and IP-8. 3 signs per site should be adequate.

Response posted 09/27/2013

Inquiry #4: What's the post for Item 108 - Metal Beam Guard Railing, is it wood or steel? Thank you very much.
Inquiry submitted 10/03/2013

Response #1:It is wood post.
Response posted 10/03/2013

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