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Inquiry #1: Could you please address the following questions:

1) Line segment #9 appears to run along the road for 100 feet but we were unable to locate the downstream termination point. Can you please identify the location of the downstream termination point?

2) Line segment #8, is the contractor supposed to line through the 90 degree bend?

Inquiry submitted 10/24/2013

Response #1:1) Line segment #9 is from DI to DI. There is no downstream termination point.

2)Yes, line pipe per existing field condition.

Response posted 10/28/2013

Inquiry #2: If segment #9 is to be relined from DI to DI, the distance between the 2 marked structures is far short of the 335 LF noted in the plans. What is the distance between the two DI?
Should our bids reflect the distance between the 2 DI or the 335 LF?

Inquiry submitted 10/28/2013

Response #1:No further information is available at this time. Please bid per the contract documents.
Response posted 10/29/2013

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