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Inquiry #1: Can you please clarify the limits of the clearing and grubbing, project and standard specs don't address clearing for sound walls. There are a lot of vines growing on the sound wall, will those have to be removed? how far up from the ground will the clearing have to be done? will all of the growth on the highway side have to be removed?
Inquiry submitted 05/16/2017

Response #1:Maintain all vines growing on the sound wall. Clearing and grubbing is applied to the bush or vegetation on the ground at paving areas. Also, dead vines are removed.
Response posted 05/17/2017

Inquiry #2: In some places the vines overhang the work area a few feet. Wont the contractor have to cut those back straight up from the edge of paving at the barrier, for 20 ft of vertical clearance?

The dead vines on the wall are to be removed?

Inquiry submitted 05/17/2017

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 05/18/2017

Response #2:The work in question is part of Clearing and Grubbing.

Area of dead vine removal is indicated on X-2.

Vines are not to be pruned. Clearing and Grubbing requires that tree branches that extend over the roadway and hang within 20 feet of finished grade be cut.
Vines are not tree branches and Pruning is not a bid item.

Response posted 05/24/2017

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