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Public Notice

Electronic Bidding Update
Caltrans is pleased to announce that implementation of electronic bidding on highway construction contracts has begun. Caltrans has chosen the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Trns*port Expedite Bid software as its electronic bidding solution. Expedite is integrated with Info Tech's Bid Express Internet Bidding Service (Bidx) for the submittal of electronic bids through the Internet.

More information regarding Expedite Bid can be found at the Expedite product website at More information regarding Bidx can be found at the Bidx website at For more information regarding Caltrans electronic bidding please contact Chris Rice, at (916)227-6235 or

Electronic Bidding Guide available here.

DVBE Requirements
The Department of Transportation has implemented new DVBE goal setting procedures on its non-federal aid construction contracts over $250,000.
Effective March 21, 2011, state funded contracts advertised will have the following DVBE goals:

  • $1 million and under 5% DVBE goals.
  • $1 million and $5 million 3% DVBE goals.
  • Over $5 million No goals. DVBE incentive provisions apply.
Bidders are reminded that good faith efforts do not apply to these contracts.
Bidders are cautioned to use certified DVBE firms performing commercially-useful functions on the contract in order to receive credit towards the DVBE goals or incentives.
Each contract advertisement, Notice to Bidders and Special Provisions contain the DVBE requirements.
If you have any questions about the DVBE goals, please submit a bidder's inquiry.

Attention contractors:

If you'd like to pull back your submitted bid to make corrections, make sure you fill out the latest signature card and fax it in to the bidder's exchange. We also have a new release of bid documents form to keep with your bid runner in the event that you need to revise a bid. Both files are available on our Contractor Info Table, under the Bid Opening column.

Enter this site to view the Department's draft documents for the Design-Build Demonstration Program. Please submit your comments and questions.

If you need help with bonding, check out the Small Business Administration's Technical Assistance Bonding programs at

New! We now have an XML file of all advertised project information for those that want the raw data used in creating our advertised project lists.

Bidder's Exchange

The Bidder's exchange page is a guide to all the bidding resources Caltrans provides online.

Electronic Bidding

Please refer to this guide to help you through our new electronic bidding process.

Finding work to bid

Caltrans weekly ads
The weekly ads page is a complete listing of everything we currently have out for bid, as well as a list of immediately upcoming projects for bid. Simplified listings at the top of the page put all advertised projects into one group, as well as all upcoming projects into another. "Attachments", a bit further down the page are the traditional listings we have used for advertising in the past. Attachment A is a good place to look if you only want to see projects that are new to our advertising listing as of the current week. All ads are refreshed weekly at 9am on Monday mornings, Tuesday if Monday happens to be a holiday.
Listings for individual projects will allow bidders to see details of each project, and links are provided for those who want to see the contract documents, order a bid book, place a prime ad or opt-in on the contract, or see planholder lists. Planholder lists are composed of those who have ordered a bid book and are updated immediately when a bidder places their order online.

Bid item search
The bid item search is a long-requested feature that helps bidders find projects that they want to bid by the searching for the bid items in those contracts. Partial bid item descriptions can be used to find projects.

Map of advertised projects
A map showing all advertised and upcoming projects was created to help bidders find projects by their geographical location. Projects that are currently advertised will be shown by a red marker, and projects that are upcoming will be shown in blue. Clicking on a marker will bring up a bubble of expanded information, and a link for those wanting to participate on the contract or look at the contract documents.

Bidder Inquiries
If you have a question on the buildability of a project that isn't covered in the plans or specifications, our bidder inquiries are the right place to find your answer. Go to the inquiry site for the district you're bidding in, and submit your question. Or view previously submitted questions and answers. We want all bidders to bid with confidence, so if something is unclear, make sure you ask.

Planholder Search
Our planholder search is an up to the minute view of who is bidding all our currently advertised projects. Now that we are using our electronic advertising system, bidding planholders are defined as those who order a bid book from us. You can also use this system to search for opt-in participants, defined as those who wish to subcontract or supply materials to prime bidders. Options for searching by DBE or small business status are provided to help meet your contract goals.

Looking at bid results

Bid Summaries
The bid summary page serves two functions. On the left side of the page, verified bid summaries are organized by bid opening date, then by contract. Clicking on a link will open the PDF bid summary for that contract, showing all bidders, their verified bids, subcontractor lists, and item prices for all bidders. On the right side, we list our non-verified preliminary bid opening results. These results will show up as verified bid summaries, after verification is completed.

Post-bid files
All files submitted to Caltrans are now scanned and uploaded, to be accessible via this page. Bid books, subcontractor submittals, good faith submittals, bid protests, and all other public record documents are scanned and uploaded for everyone to see and review. This was done as part of our effort to increase transparency, as well as assist bidders with their public record requests.

Awarded project search
Find out who has been awarded contracts in the past. Searches are available by district or full contract number, by bid opening or award date, by contractor name, or type of work. Results will display dates, contractors, bids, location, and type of work.

For more information

Statement of Going Contracts
If you've ever wanted to know what projects are currently under construction, where they are, who's performing them, and how complete they are, this is what you need. View current reports, or reports up to a year ago.

Contract Standards
This page has links for all the standard specifications and plans that Caltrans contracts refer to, as well as all the boilerplate specifications that are used in the assembly of our special provisions documents. Manuals for plan preparation, past years' standards, as well as a preview of standards in development are available here. If you want to see what goes into developing our contracts or want to understand them better, this is a very good resource.

Frequently Asked Questions
If we get a question that we think deserves publishing, it goes to our FAQ page. Questions and answers are grouped by category. If you're new to bidding Caltrans projects, this is recommended reading.