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Independent Assurance Program (IAP)

The purpose of the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Quality Assurance requirement described in Title 23, Code of Federal Regulations 637 Subpart B - Quality Assurance Procedures for Construction, is to prescribe policies, procedures, and guidelines to assure the quality of materials and construction in all Federal-aid highway projects on the National Highway System (NHS). The federal requirement generally states that each state highway agency shall develop a quality assurance program that will assure that the materials and workmanship incorporated into each Federal-aid highway construction project on the NHS are in conformity with the requirements of the approved plans and specifications.

A quality assurance program includes an independent assurance program where independent assurance samples and tests or other procedures shall be performed by qualified sampling and testing personnel employed by Caltrans. The Independent Assurance Manual describes procedures that Caltrans has established for independent assurance on roadway construction projects. This manual, along with the Caltrans Construction Manual, Chapter Six, lists Caltrans procedures regarding testing. Caltrans uses a system approach to the IA program.

IA Documents

Link to Statewide Independent Assurance Database: Link to Joint Training and Certification Program: Link to Inertial Profiler Certification Program: Procedures related to Independent Assurance: Annual reports regarding IA to FHWA: Reference Sample Program (RSP) Reports IA Contacts:

For further information regarding Independent Assurance, please contact Veera Nanugonda at 916-227-7172, or

For information regarding Reference Sample Program (RSP), please contact the RSP Coordinator at 916-227-0384, or