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CIDH piles photo

Completed CIDH Piles

surveyor standing at instrument


column pour operation

Concrete Column Pour

Caltrans sends most new bridge designers to a bridge construction office for nine months, all expenses paid*. Why? Designers generally produce plans with fewer errors after making decisions regarding details that are not buildable, or are missing from the plans.

"Construction rotation was great. I was on a big project in beautiful Ventura County. Keeping after the ironworkers for missing rebar, enforcing proper formwork elevations, rejecting concrete deliveries, etc. was hard work. But, I got the BIG picture. And, on weekends I got to explore a different part of California."

*Per diem for second household if not within driving distance of primary residence, trip home on weekends if desired, vehicle for commuting to jobsite, etc. Construction sites sometimes available in the greater Sacramento area.

concrete pumping photo

Concrete Pump

bridge deck pour photo

Concrete Deck Pour

stem and soffit reinforcement

Stem and Soffit Reinforcement

assurance testing photo

Quality Assurance Testing

tensioning photo

Prestress Operation

rodent on a rock

Protecting the Environment