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Bridge Design Academy

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Most recent college grads go through the Bridge Design Academy. This intensive and practical course introduces and makes use of the AASHTO Bridge Design Specifications, as amended for use in California. Topics include:

  • Bridge layout (application of surveying to bridges); bridge loads
  • Reinforced concrete design, including bentcaps
  • Prestressed concrete design, including boxgirders
  • Structural steel bridges
  • Caltrans Seismic Design Criteria
  • Bridge Substructure Design; Scour of Foundations

Class size is kept small to facilitate student-teacher interaction. Bridge components are designed and submitted for feedback. Upon completion, students receive a certificate.

"I worked in consulting and could not have gotten this information anywhere else."-John Reily

"Information such as efficient bar layouts is not taught in school. Prestressing was taught very systematically. My efficiency in doing bridge design definately increased."-Amir Malek, Phd.

"I would have been bothering a whole lot of people if it werenąt for the Academy."-Jose Higareda

"Very helpful. The Reinforced Concrete instructor was especially good."-Jifei Li

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