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Inquiry #1: A. Bid item #14 Joint Seal (Preformed Compression), is this Joint seal to take place around the Individual Slab Replacements? If so, are the Longitudinal and Transverse Joints to be sealed and what are the widths of these Joints to be? Please advise.

B. If the Joints around the Individual Slab Replacements are to be sealed and some slabs may not be continuous, would Caltrans consider installing a Non-Sag Silicone?

Inquiry submitted 11/17/2017

Response #1:A)Yes, both the longitudinal and transverse joints are to be sealed with a preformed compression joint seal with a 1/4? reservoir width. Refer to 2015 Standard Plans P20. B) Use the preformed compression joint seal only.
Response posted 11/17/2017

Inquiry #2: What material is to be used for Item #16 Repair Spalled Surface Area?
Inquiry submitted 11/17/2017

Response #1:
Spall repair will require a polyester concrete with a HMWM bonding agent.(2015 Standard Specifications 41-4)

Response posted 11/17/2017

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