Caltrans District 4 Bicycle Plan

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The Caltrans District 4 Bicycle Plan will identify and prioritize investments to improve bicycling on and across the State-owned transportation network. This Plan complements and builds on statewide, regional, and local planning efforts to help create a connected, comfortable, and safer bicycle network for the Bay Area.


District 4 Bicycle Plan Draft Projects Comment Tool

This tool provides an opportunity to comment on potential projects to be included in the Caltrans District 4 Bike Plan. Comments are due Friday, December 22, 2017

project map

Final Round of Community Workshops

Thank you to those who attended one of our final round of community workshops earlier this month. Workshop material can be found below under Documents & Links. If you were unable to attend in person, please join our webinar:

Thursday, November 30, 2017
1-3pm Click here to join.
The webinar will provide an overview of proposed priority bicycle improvements for the Plan and opportunities for public comments on draft priorities.

Survey Results

In Spring 2017, Caltrans conducted an online survey to collect public input on bicycling needs, issues, and recommendations for the State-owned transportation network across the Bay Area. A total of 4,721 people visited the survey and placed a total of 20,157 “pins” on the map. The survey data will help inform the District 4 Bicycle Plan and is available for download under Documents and Links.

Read the Summary of Survey Results (PDF)

Round 1 of Community Outreach Completed

The first round of community workshops was completed in May. Thank you to those who attended and provided feedback. Links to Round 1 community outreach material are provided below under Documents & Links.

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Caltrans Bike Plan

What is the Caltrans District 4 Bicycle Plan?

The District 4 Bicycle Plan is being developed within the framework of Toward an Active California, the California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. This framework includes an overall vision, goals, objectives, and strategies that are intended to shape the statewide policy direction in California. The District 4 Bicycle Plan adopts this framework. The Caltrans District 4 Bicycle Plan is a visionary and comprehensive planning document that will result in a list of projects and strategies to improve safety and mobility for bicyclists on and across the State transportation network in District 4.


By 2040, people in California of all ages, abilities, and incomes can safely, conveniently, and comfortably walk and bicycle for their everyday transportation needs.


The goals for Toward an Active California were adopted from the multimodal California Transportation Plan (CTP), adopted in 2016, providing consistency with state transportation planning. Specific CTP/Toward an Active California goals include:

  • 1. Improve multimodal mobility and accessibility for all people
  • 2. Preserve the multimodal transportation system
  • 3. Support a vibrant economy
  • 4. Foster livable and healthy communities and promote social equity
  • 5. Improve public safety and security
  • 6. Practice environmental stewardship
  • Objectives

    Toward an Active California includes four objectives:
    • Safety – Reduce the number, rate, and severity of bicycle and pedestrian involved collisions
    • Mobility – Increase walking and bicycling in California
    • Preservation – Maintain a high quality active transportation system
    • Social Equity – Invest resources in communities that are most dependent on active transportation and transit
    Continue reading the Strategies and Emphasis Areas for the District 4 Bicycle Plan in the Vision, Goals, and Objectives document

    Why is the Bicycle Plan important to the Bay Area?

    Caltrans updated its mission and goals on safety and sustainability and set a target to triple bicycling by 2020. With more than 700 miles of freeways and expressways and over 1500 miles of non-freeway State highways throughout District 4, Caltrans has an opportunity to help remove barriers to bicycling. Bicycle facilities that are safe, comfortable and convenient can help:

    • Improve public health and promote active lifestyles;
    • Create connections that allow people to bike to work, school, or transit; and
    • Reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.
    The Bicycle Plan will help guide decision makers and Caltrans staff in developing projects and programs to enhance bicycle safety and mobility throughout District 4. It will also be a valuable reference and informational source for Caltrans local partners and the general public.

    Get Involved

    To develop a Bicycle Plan that reflects the needs and priorities of Bay Area communities, Caltrans will seek input from a wide range of constituents, advocates and agency partners.

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    Bike Lane

    Process + Schedule

    The planning process for the Caltrans District 4 Bicycle Plan will be informed by input from stakeholders and the public. Key milestones in the process include:

    1. Formation of a Technical Advisory Committee (Fall 2016)
    2. Development of an interactive bike map
    3. Assessment of related plans and policies, existing conditions, and current local and county bicycle plans (Fall 2016/ Winter 2017)
    4. Development of a vision, goals and objectives (Winter 2017)
    5. Identification and prioritization of bicycle needs (Spring 2017)
    6. Assessment of implementation needs and recommendations for funding (Spring 2017)
    7. Draft District 4 Bicycle Plan (Fall 2017)
    8. Public outreach and review of draft (Fall 2017)
    9. Final Plan (Winter 2018)

    View the Process and Schedule Graphic to learn about the schedule and planning process.


    Documents and Links

    Round 1 Community Outreach Documents:

    Round 2 Community Outreach Documents: