Construction Project Funding Identification Signs

C47C (CA)
Project Funding Identification sign C47C(CA) has been superseded by C48(CA),
as of 1/11/19.

C47A (CA)

C47B (CA)

Sign policy for use of these signs with fluorescent orange header panels (non-SB1 funded projects) for use on projects with estimated contract costs of $750,000 or more and 50 working days or more, or 70 working days minimum when Saturdays or holidays are counted as working days, the Construction Funding Identification signs may be used to identify funding sources for a highway project. 

Formats of the sign series are flexible to include federal, state and/or local agency funding sources.  Information on the sign should include year of completion, and type of project, such as:

  • Highway Construction          
  • Highway Repair
  • Highway Improvement
  • Bridge Construction
  • Bridge Repair
  • Roadside Work
C48 SB1 sign
C48 (CA)

This is the approved sign for use on State Highways, local streets and roadways funded by SB1 for all SB1 projects, regardless of total contract cost, or number of work days.  The sign comes in three sizes: 

  • Freeway & Expressway: 144” x 90” (12 ft x 7.5 ft)
  • Multi-lane Conventional Highways & Local Roads: 96” x 60” (8 ft x 5 ft), 2/3rds size
  • Local Roadways and 2-lane Conventional Highways:  48” x 30” (4 ft x 2.5 ft), 1/3rd size

Previous to SB1, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) works with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and local partner agencies to inform road users of projects under construction to identify project funding initiatives, such as Proposition 1B bond funding, and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding projects. Project funding identification signs were formerly detailed in the T7 Standard Plan, however, in 2015 updated sign specifications were included in Part 6 – Temporary Traffic Control Zone Devices, Chapter 6F of the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CA MUTCD) with three versions:  C47A(CA) allows local funding partners to emphasize local agency participation in highway projects, C47B(CA) conveys the traditional message “Your Tax Dollars AT WORK,” and C48(CA) allows for projects funded by SB1. All versions include the safety slogan “BE WORK ZONE ALERT”.

CA Sign Specification Drawings and Artwork
Sign Item Description Date
C47A (CA) (PDF) Construction Project Funding Identification Sign 1/11/19
C47B (CA) (PDF) Construction Project Funding Identification Sign 1/11/19
C48 (CA) (PDF) Construction Project Funding Identification Sign (for SB1) 1/11/19
SB1 Logo SB1 Logo (.pdf) 7/20/17
SB1 Logo (AI) SB1 Logo (CMYK vector .ai) 7/20/17
BWZA (AI) BE WORK ZONE ALERT logo (CMYK vector .ai) n/a

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