Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) Signs

OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION: Local agencies in California authorized by legislation in the California Streets and Highways Code and California Vehicle Code may install signs in areas with established NEV Transportation Plans. Before installing signs, local agencies should contact the following person at Caltrans for additional information about Federal Highway Administration requirements:

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has developed signs for use in NEV Transportation Plan Communities. Caltrans asks local agencies to collect data and submit an interim report every year and the a final report after two years of initial sign installations. Data collected should indicate whether the signs are understandable to the public and motorists.

1) NEV-G1 (CA) - To designate a Class III NEV - Bike Routes

2) NEV-G2 (CA) - To designate a Class III NEV Route

3) NEV-R1 (CA) - To designate a hybrid Class II NEV - Bike Lane

4) NEV-R1A (CA) - Alternate sign to designate a Class II NEV - Bike Lane, to install with same width BEGIN (R81A(CA)), and END (R81B(CA)) header plaques [12” wide]

5) NEV-R2 (CA) - To designate NEV parking spaces with or without Electric Vehicle Charging stations

6) NEV-R3 (CA) - To post above a button for an actuated traffic signal to identify that NEV - Bike road users must use push button to actuate the traffic signal

7) NEV-R4 (CA) - To identify roadways where NEV traffic is prohibited

8) NEV-R4A (CA) - To install as a subplaque below NEV PROHIBITED (NEV-R4(CA)) sign at the endpoint of an NEV path, lane or route

9) NEV-R5 (CA) - To install as a subplaque to R3-7R “RIGHT LANE MUST TURN RIGHT” regulatory sign, where bikes and NEV’s may continue through an intersection, but where automobiles must turn right

For further assistance, contact:
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