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Dr. kenneth Maser's Presentation on "Nondestructive Methods for Pavement Evaluation"

The Caltrans Division of Research and Innovation is hosting monthly videoconferences on various topics. The presentations are designed to bring researchers and practitioners together to exchange information and transfer knowledge.

Dr. Kenneth Maser

Dr. Kenneth R. Maser
Presdent and founder of Infrasense, Inc.

On July 26th, 2007, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Dr. kenneth R. Maser presented "Nondestructive Methods for Pavement Evaluation."

Dr. Ken Maser is the president and founder of Infrasense, Inc, and specializes in the application of non-destructive methods for subsurface evaluation of highway structures. Dr. Maser has directly supervised the evaluation of over 15000 lane miles of pavement and over 800 bridge decks throughout the US and overseas. He has also conducted and participated in research studies for several state and federal agencies, including Caltrans studies entitled "Nondestructive Measurement of Pavement Layer Thickness", and "Pilot Project for Fixed Segmentation of the Pavement Network". He is a licensed professional engineer, and he serves as an associate editor for the ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems.

Detailed information on pavement structure, while key to many aspects of pavement engineering, can be difficult and costly to obtain.
Subsurface evaluation technologies, such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), have demonstrated the ability to obtain accurate pavement structure information at a relatively low cost.

In his presentation, Dr. Maser reviewed the various nondestructive methods for subsurface pavement evaluation. Illustrations of the use of these technologies for FWD deflection studies, rehabilitation design, pavement management, and quality control were presented.