California Department of Transportation

Spatially Focused Travel Data and Analysis


Bob Justice

Task Description

This research will help close a crucial data gap in land use – travel behavior studies, and will pilot test spatially focused travel data collection. This is not a Global Positioning System (GPS) data collection pilot per se, but an attempt to develop methods to collect spatially focused travel data. The GPS pilot test is intended to assess how well a web-based survey can record vehicle miles traveled. Depending on the outcome and research needs, final survey data collection might be via a single method or may be through multiple methods that might include web-based or other travel surveys, GPS loggers, or cell phone applications.

Task Objective

Pilot test spatially focused travel data collection.
The methods used to collect the survey data will be decided after the pilot test. Importantly, the goal of this research is to obtain enough travel surveys to analyze land use – travel impacts within the study areas for purposes of understanding departures from regional average land use –travel impacts. Electronic data collection (i.e. GPS loggers or cell phones) are a tool and the research goal is not to innovate in the use of electronic travel data collection methods.

Final Report/Deliverables

Contract is currently underway.