California Department of Transportation

Tool Development to Evaluate the Performance of Intermodal Connectivity (EPIC) to Improve Public Transportation


Bradley Mizuno

Task Description

The project consists of four elements: (1) determination of the state of the practice of evaluating intermodal connectivity, (2) identification of institutional factors, (3) identification of user factors, and (4) development of an evaluation tool for practical application.  Deliverables will consist of an evaluation tool accompanied by supporting documentation covering different elements of the project.  There will be a workshop to brief Caltrans on this project and demonstrate the evaluation tool.

Task Objective

The results of this study will offer transit agencies as well as other customers the means by which intermodal connectivity venues may be evaluated and hence plans for improvements can be developed and carried out. With such improvements, intermodal connectivity will grow and foster a more efficiently and effectively run transportation system thereby helping to increase transit’s attractiveness as a mode of travel.

Final Report/Deliverables

Phase 1 Report Synthesis (10 pages, PDF)
Phase 1 Final Report (43 pages, PDF)
Appendix A: The Effects of Out-of-Vehicle Time on Travel Behavior: Implications for Transit Transfers (42 pages, PDF)
Appendix B: Evaluating Connectivity Performance at Transit Transfer Facilities (56 pages, PDF)
Appendix C: Evaluating Transit Stops and Stations from the Perspective of Transit Users (79 pages, PDF)
Appendix D: Evaluating Transit Stops and Stations from the Perspective of Transit Managers (65 pages, PDF)