California Department of Transportation

BRT Person Throughput-Vehicle Congestion Tradeoffs


Fouad Ziaullah

Task Description

A dedicated Bus Rapid Transit lane provides the highest level of service for person throughput, but such systems are often challenging to implement in urban areas since in general the solution is to convert a mixed traffic lane to dedicated BRT use. This conversion of the lane generally causes a loss of capacity for mixed traffic which in turn causes a significant increase in vehicle congestion.

Task Objective

Previous research has developed methods of comparing vehicle throughput and person throughput associated with transit projects, but it is important to explore the policy implications of such tradeoffs.  This research project will review established policies (across the State, nation, and internationally) that focus on person throughput, even at the detriment of vehicle throughput, to determine the success of the policies.  It will also develop a selection of policies that Caltrans can consider for adoption that will balance person throughput improvements with vehicle throughput impacts.

Final Report/Deliverables

Contract is currently underway.