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District 12 - $583 Million Allocated to Improve and Maintain California's Multimodal Transportation System

Date: July 1, 2016
District: District 12
Contact: Yvonne Washington
Phone: (949) 724-2000

IRVINE - The California Transportation Commission (CTC) has adopted 156 projects, valued at $583 million, to support needed upkeep on California's aging roads and bridges, make upgrades to transit and rail systems and encourage use of alternative forms of transportation, including biking and walking.

"Caltrans is working to ensure every dollar counts when it comes to California's transportation infrastructure. All these investments will benefit Californians now and for decades to come."

Malcolm Dougherty, Director, Caltrans

The newly allocated funding includes $267.8 million from the State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) for 38 "fix-it first" projects that will repair bumpy pavement, preserve roads that are in good condition from deteriorating and upgrade bridges to make them safer and stronger. Most of California's highways are more than a half-century old; carry nearly half of the nation's container freight—heavy loads that pound California's highways more than any other state; and sustained 190 billion vehicle miles travelled in 2015.

Other allocations include:

  • $169.7 million for 29 capital improvement projects both on and off the state highway system as part of the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)
  • $52 million towards 71 Active Transportation Program projects
  • $40.6 million for Transit and Intercity Rail Program projects

The allocations also include $15.5 million from Proposition 1B, a transportation bond approved by voters in 2006. To date, more than $19.1 billion in Proposition 1B funds have been put to work statewide for transportation purposes.

The remaining funding allocations came from assorted transportation accounts funded by state and federal dollars.

Among the projects that received funding allocations today were:

  • $13.7 million to construct a new 5-level parking structure will 611 parking stalls, with 500 dedicated for transit use
  • $2.5 million to construct 0.25 miles of a separated paved bicycle path and decomposed granite pedestrian trail and construct improvements to the existing trail form Brea Boulevard to State College Boulevard
  • $723 thousand to construct blub outs, ADA compliant wheelchair ramps, install a new traffic signal at the intersection of Flower Street and Walnut Street and provide educational safety outreach programs for safe routes to schools.

Despite this month's allocations, the CTC has been forced to adopt a five-year state transportation funding plan cutting $754 million and delaying another $755 million in previously planned highway, rail, transit, bicycle and pedestrian project spending. These cuts are due in large part to the steady loss of gas tax revenue over the past two years because of the drop in gasoline prices. These reductions and cuts mark the largest of their kind since the current state transportation funding structure was adopted 20 years ago.

Please see the List of Projects Going Forward for CTC Allocation from the June 2016 CTC Meeting for more information about all projects that received allocations.

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