Old Bay Bridge Demolition

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Latest Update September 7, 2018

Phase 3 - Support Piers: Implosions of the last two remaining piers - E19 & E20 September 8, 2018

On September 8, Caltrans will implode two marine foundations of the original San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge east span. This final implosion event will culminate Caltrans’ removal of the marine foundations of the old Bay Bridge and will mark the end of the demolition of the original east span.

The removal of two additional piers is the next step toward repurposing four remaining marine foundations for public access improvements. One pier along Yerba Buena Island will be converted into an observation platform and 140-foot long boardwalk. Three others on the Oakland shoreline will serve as the foundation for a 600-foot long boardwalk.

View the September 8, 2018 Demolition Videos:

Demolition Overview

Demolition of the nearly 2-mile long original East Span has been taking place in three phases with crews carefully dismantling the 77-year old East Span section-by-section, in roughly the reverse order of how it was built in the mid-1930s.

  • Phase 1 - Cantilever: Crews initially worked in the westward direction, toward Yerba Buena Island, taking apart the cantilever section and demolishing the S-Curve.
    - COMPLETED: Removed June 11, 2015.
  • Phase 2 - Trusses: included moving east to dismantle the 504’ and the 288’ truss spans that stretched east of the cantilever to the Oakland shore.
    - COMPLETED: Last Truss Removed March 28, 2017.
  • Phase 3 - Support Piers: the demolition team headed to the waterline to remove the piers and pilings and then extracting the marine foundations that support the original span down to the mud line.
    - IN PROGRESS: Final implosion to be completed September 8, 2018.

When the entire demolition of the Old Bay Bridge is complete, over 58,000 tons of steel and 245,000 tons of concrete will have been removed.

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