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Truck Traffic Volumes (Truck AADT)

Point GIS datasets represent Truck Traffic Volumes (Truck Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)) for selected locations on the California State Highway System.

Data Created: August 20, 2014
Last Modified: March 4, 2018


Annual average daily truck traffic is the total truck traffic volume divided by 365 days. Truck counting is done throughout the state in a program of continuous truck count sampling. The sampling includes a partial day, 24-hour, 7-day and continuous vehicle classification counts. The partial day and 24-hour counts are usually made on high volume, urban highways. The 7-day counts are made on low volume, rural highways. The counts are usually taken only once in the year. About one-sixth of the locations are counted annually. The resulting counts are adjusted to an estimate of annual average daily truck traffic by compensating for seasonal influence, weekly variation, and other variables that may be present. Annual average daily truck traffic is necessary for presenting a statewide picture of truck flow, evaluating truck trends, planning and designing highways and for other purposes.

Truck traffic is classified by number of axles. The two-axle class includes 11/2-ton trucks with dual rear tires and excludes pickups and vans with only four tires. Total vehicle AADT for the same year is taken from the Traffic Volumes on California State Highways booklet also published by the California Department of Transportation.


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Extent: California statewide
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