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Major Traffic Generators

California Major Traffic Generators

The Major Generators point feature class represent transfer facilities that generate major truck traffic in California.

Data Created: Feb. 4, 2013
Last Modified: Oct. 31, 2013


The locations of major generators were identified from listed data holdings and located using ESRI base map imagery at a scale of 1:10,000.

Use limitations

This Rail Database is public domain and available to share with Caltrans partners. The Rail Database is intended for high level planning purposes and is a point in time reporting of estimated current conditions and forecast of future conditions. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of reported data, the Database is not intended for detailed service or facility planning. Such planning requires in-depth site analysis and field confirmation of actual conditions.


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Credits: California Department of Transportation
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Extent: California statewide
References: 2013 California State Rail Plan in PDF file is available at website: