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Elevation Automated Pavement Condition Survey (APCS)

'Elevation2016APCS" data was derived from the Automated Pavement Condition Survey (APCS).

Data Created: July 27, 2016


Headquarters, Division of Transportation Planning, Climate Change Branch obtained elevation data from the Office of Pavement Management & Performance (OPM&P) for their Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments.

The Elevation data was collected using the Automated Pavement Condition Survey (APCS) which uses a customized vehicle fitted with sensing equipment, traveling on the roadway at or near highway speeds, to collect pavement condition data as well as other useful information such as elevation, longitude, latitude, and etc.

Use limitations

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Tags: Elevation data, California
Credits: Office of Pavement Management & Performance (OPM&P).
File: Zipped shapefile: , size 240 MB
Extent: California statewide
References: Caltrans, Office of Pavement Management & Performance: