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Caltrans (Executive) Fact Booklet (CFB - Formerly EFB)

The Fact Booklet is now found in the DRISI Library. Researched and compiled by the Data Analysis and Reporting Branch, the Caltrans Fact Booklet contains a selection of data from many of the divisions in the Department. The booklet was originally printed in card format for Caltrans Executives, but since we compiled the information into a booklet, it has been shared widely throughout the Department and to members of the legislature. Contact Editor/Project Manager.


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Geospatial Information System (GIS)

DRISI is the focal point for all GIS activities in the Department including strategic planning, enterprise deployment, spatial data development, cartographic products, training needs, software purchases, and development of GIS applications.

Geospatial Enterprise Operations Branch - GIS Data Library, GIS training, GIS software maintenance. coordination and collaboration while maintaining desktop, server, and Web based geospatial technology within Caltrans.
Geospatial Enterprise Operations Branch

Linear Referencing System (LRS) Branch - The Linear Referencing System (LRS) branch staff are tasked with maintaining and calibrating the LRS database and responding to requests for postmile event data.
Linear Referencing System (LRS) Branch

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California Quick Facts (CQF) Publications

California Quick Facts consist of commonly requested information compiled from many different sources within the state, both Caltrans and other California Agencies. Data Analysis and Reporting Branch. Contact April Stolfus or Jahangir Kashkooli about the CQF.

California Quick Facts and County Quick Facts have been moved to:
DRISI Library - Reports, Publications, and Data

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Highway System Engineering Branch (HSEB) Products

Data on highways and highway systems, the Strategic Highway Network (STRAHNET), National Highway System (NHS), California Road System (CRS) maps and route descriptions and route numbering for state highways. Highway System Engineering Home


California Road System (CRS) Maps

The Federal Highway Administration [FHWA) identifies functional classification as a key item in transportation data. Streets and highways are grouped into classes according to the service they provide. The California Road System (CRS) Maps display the official functional classification of each road. The functional classification is used by the Federal government in determining funding allocations which help local and State agencies pay for the maintenance of roads throughout their jurisdictions.

CRS Maps Web Application

Named Freeways

Each legislative session produces a number of Senate and Assembly resolutions proposing to name state highway segments or structures in honor of some individual, group or historical event. HSEB Branch publishes the document, Named Freeways as and official record of these legislative proposed names. 2012 Named Freeways, Highways, Structures, and Other Appurtenances in CA

Place Names in California

Place Names in California is produced by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) as a ready reference to places shown on the California Road System (CRS) maps. Place Names in CA

State Highway Routes (Selected Information)

The State Highway Routes - Selected Information publication contains useful information on each state highway route in the California State Highway System. It is intended to be used as a quick reference document rather than a substitue for other official records.
State Highway Routes - Selected Information

Traversible Highways Report

Traversable highways are existing roads or streets between the termini of and approximately along the State highway routs described in the Streets and Highways Code. There are some traversable highways which have been brought into the state system as toll roads and others that are currently being maintained by cities or counties which may be brought into the system at a later date.

Traversable Highway Report

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Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS)

The HPMS is a federally mandated planning study designed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and implemented as a continuing information system that encompasses data collection, data analysis, and analytical modeling. Authority for the study is vested in Section 307 of Title 23, United States Code.

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Travel and Related Factors in California (TRFC)

The Data Analysis and Reporting Branch (DARB) collects many varied data sets and compiles them into impressive reports on California Demographics, California Fuel Usage throughout the State, and California Multi-Modal Transit.

Travel and Related Factors in California has been moved to:
DRISI Library - Reports, Publications, and Data


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