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Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP)


What is a Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP)?

An SHSP is a holistic, statewide safety plan that coordinates the efforts of a wide range of organizations to reduce traffic accident fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads.
In coordination with federal, state, local and private sector safety stakeholders, the SHSP establishes goals, objectives, and emphasis (or challenge) areas.

Federal regulations require that the California SHSP include:

  • Consultation with a variety of stakeholders.  At present, there are over 400 identified stakeholders assisting with the SHSP Update process, including: federal agencies, state agencies, local agencies and organizations including police departments, regional transportation agencies, tribal governments, and private stakeholders.
  • Analysis and effective use of crash data.  California has or uses multiple crash data systems including Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), the National Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), the National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS), and the Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System (CODES).
  • Plans to address the 4Es of traffic safety: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and Emergency Services.  Some safety issues like vehicles running off of the roadway involve engineering challenges.  Treating accident injuries involves emergency services issues like improving training for first responders, and ensuring that responders have the right equipment.  Some safety issues, like texting while driving, involve multiple areas like education, reminding drivers that texting is not worth it, and enforcement, citing drivers for texting while driving.
  • Consideration for the safety of all public roads, and all users, including pedestrians and bicyclists.  New federal regulations have also expanded the SHSP to include tribal roads.
  • A program of projects or strategies to reduce or eliminate safety hazards.  The SHSP is not just a set of goals, developed and forgotten.  It is a continuous process, with focused teams studying safety problems, searching for answers, and developing programs to improve traffic safety.
  • Implementation and evaluation.   This SHSP Update will include review of the last SHSP and the emphasis or challenge areas developed by that SHSP.  How much have we done to improve traffic safety?  What strategies worked?  Which need to be improved? 
SHSP Steering Committee Members: Email: Phone:
Joan Sollenberger, Chief
California Dept. of Transportation, Office of Strategic Development (916) 653-4575
Steve Dowling, Assistant Chief
California Highway Patrol (916) 843-3330
Chris Cochran, Assistant Director
Office of Traffic Safety
(916) 509-3063
Pat Minturn, P.E., P.L.S., Director
Shasta County Public Works
(530) 225-5661