Office of Traffic Safety Program

California Department of Transportation



Welcome to the Office of Traffic Safety Progam

The Division of Traffic Operations has been re-organzied and the website is in transition. The Office of Traffic Safety Progam topics are now under the Office of Traffic Engineering and the Office of Performance.

Click here for the Office of Traffic Engineering:

The Office of Performance website is still under construction.


The goal of the Office of Traffic Safety is to:

Make safety improvements to the existing facility and reduce the number and/or severity of collisions.
Conduct and implement safety studies to identify innovative solutions to complex problems and improve safety effectiveness and efficiency.
Effectively communicate safety principles and techniques through OUTREACH and FEEDBACK from Caltrans districts, local and other state agencies and the people of California.
Evaluate and incorporate new technologies and products to pursue the safest transportation system possible.

Branches within the Office of Traffic Safety Progam


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