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45' Buses & Motorhomes

Photo courtesy of California Bus Assn
On this page, "45-foot bus or motorhome" refers to a bus or motorhome that is longer than 40 feet, up to 45 feet.

45' Bus & Motorhome Map This map shows routes that 45' buses and motorhomes may travel on (the green routes) and the routes they may not travel on (the red routes): 45' Bus & Motorhome Map. Click on the red numbers on the California map to open each regional map.
45' Bus Overview This page summarizes the history and laws of 45' buses in California: 45' Buses.
45' Motorhomes This page summarizes the history and laws of 45' motorhomes in California: 45' Motorhomes.
Bus & Motorhome Weights This page shows the weight limitations and exceptions for buses and motorhomes in California: Bus & Motorhome Weights. (See the subheadings "AXLE GROUP WEIGHT CHART," and "EXCEPTION - BUSES & MOTORHOMES" below.)
45' Buses with Bike Racks This page discusses the law for 45' buses with bike racks: 45' Buses with Bike Racks



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