California Department of Transportation

Planning Tools

Transportation planners at Caltrans and other agencies use many tools to assist them in making decisions. Some of these tools do calculations based upon input from the planner. Other tools provide data in a format that can be used for analysis.

The following tools are used within the Transportation Planning Program and are available for your download and use. The user of these tools must be aware tha t these tools are to be used in conjunction with other planning analysis practices and that Caltrans cannot be held liable for the information derived from the use of these tools.

  • The Life-Cycle/Benefit-Cost Analysis Model (Cal-BC 5.0 .xls) is a spreadsheet that provides a method for preparing economic analysis. new icon
  • The Intermodal Transportation Management System (ITMS) is a performance-based decision support system operating on a personal computer allowing alternatives analysis using performance measures. It has intermodal system elements for freight and person movements using a spatial and attribute database associating transportation systems under existing and forecasted conditions.
  • Using GIS software, California Transportation Investment System (CTIS) displays the transportation system along with future projects. It shows where transportation investment is currently underway (programmed) and where it will be (planned) over the next 20 years. Included in the dataset are highway, local, rail, airport, bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and Proposition 1B projects at both the State and regional levels. Base layer and existing transportation system datasets are also provided.
  • The Local Development-Intergovernmental Review (LD-IGR) Program uses and shares a number of planning tools that have been developed inhouse, as well as mined from existing resources of other agencies. The Caltrans Guide for the Preparation of Traffic Impact Studies and the Governor's Office of Planning and Research web page, CEQAnet Database, are examples of both kinds of tools that can be accessed from this Program link.
  • The purpose of the Transportation Trend Analysis and Demographic Projection Study was to analyze past population and travel trends, and project future trends, in order to support the state infrastructure and development planning process.