California Department of Transportation

California Statewide Freight Forecasting Model

The Caltrans is developing a Statewide Freight Forecasting Model (CSFFM) to provide a comprehensive freight analysis and modeling tool that will identify the individual movement of trucks, rail, and air.  

What is the purpose of the CSFFM?

The CSFFM is being developed to better understand freight movement related policy, regulatory and project decisions in California and their impacts on highway infrastructure, transportation networks, highway safety, energy/fuel consumption, efficiency of goods movement, economics and emissions.  This model is a policy-sensitive model that will forecast commodity flows and commercial vehicle flows within California addressing the following: socioeconomic conditions; land use policies related to freight; environmental policies; and multimodal infrastructure investments.   Some of important model inputs include socioeconomic data, exports/imports (commodity flows), transshipment data, commodity to vehicle distribution, transport networks, and other public data sources through our freight data repository (CALFRED).  Model outputs will include spatial commodity productions, spatial commodity consumptions, spatial commodity flows, and vehicle flows by mode (truck, rail and air).

How is the model constructed?

The CSFFM is being constructed by the University of California, Irvine Institute of Transportation Studies.  The model is currently being developed utilizing Citilabs CUBE, a commercially available transportation/freight modeling program.  The model will utilize at least 16 different publicly available freight data sources identified in CALFRED  In addition to these data sources, Caltrans will purchase additional data to fill in missing data gaps.  The anticipated completion date is February 2014. 

Who will use the CSFFM?

The model will be used by planners and engineers in the Caltrans districts, other State Agency staff, such as with the California Air Resources Board and the California Energy Commission and planners in the Metropolitan Planning Organizations and the Regional Transportation Planning Agencies.



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