California Department of Transportation

California Motor Vehicle Stock Travel & Fuel Forecast (MVSTAFF)

The MVSTAFF project is on-hold for the time being. Historical reports are available on the left-side navigation bar.

We recommend California Air Resources Board's EMFAC database as a substitute. Historical data and forecasts from 1990 to 2035 are available for vehicle stock (population), VMT, number of trips, fuel consumption and various emissions for all vehicle classifications.


To Generate EMFAC Tables:


* Please note that some counties are split into segments and the values for segments should be combined to get county-wide values. See Air Basin and County Map Boundaries at:


Additional Resources

Another source of data that you may find useful is the California Public Road Data (CPRD) at:

It contains current and historical data from 2001 to 2011 (no forecasts)

EMFAC VMT's and some other values may be disaggregated to State vs. non-State highway classifications by using the California Public Road Data. CPRD may also be used to disaggregate the values to city level**.

** Please note that the data for smaller counties and cities in CPRD may not be reliable because of low sample counts.



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