California Department of Transportation

Partnership & Transit Planning Grants

FHWA Partnership Planning: The Partnership Planning grant program is funded by the Federal Highway Administration (State Planning and Research, Part I). The Federal Highway Administration has authorized Caltrans to distribute these grant funds. The objective of the Partnership Planning program is to encourage or strengthen multi-agency and/or government-to-government partnerships. The projects must be jointly performed with Caltrans. The proposes Partnerships Planning projects must have a statewide and/or regional benefit. The anticipated benefits of the project must ultimately result in improvements to the statewide or regional transportation system.

Example Project Types:

  • Studies that identify regional, inter-county, and/or statewide mobility and access needs
  • Corridor studies and corridor preservation studies
  • Projects that evaluate transportation issues involving ground access to international borders, seaports, airports, intermodal facilities, freight hubs, and recreational sites

FTA 5304 Transit Planning: The Transit Planning grant program is funded by the Federal Transit Administration. The Federal Transit Administration has authorized Caltrans to distribute these grant funds.

  • Statewide or Urban Transit Planning Studies: The objective of the Statewide or Urban Transit Planning Studies is to address transit planning issues of statewide or regional significance. The proposed planning studies are intended to improve transit services and to facilitate congestion relief by offering an alternative to the singe occupant vehicle

    Example Project Types:

    • Identification of policies and procedures to integrate transit into the transportation system planning process
    • Statewide transit planning surveys and research
    • Identification of policies, strategies, and programs to preserve transit facilities and optimize transit infrastructure
    • Development of transit planning and travel forecasting tools and models
  • Rural or Small Urban Transit Planning Studies: The objective of the Rural or Small Urban Planning Studies program is to help transit providers with technical planning for the operation and maintenance of the transit system. The intent is to support transit and/or intermodal planning studies that show benefit to rural or small urban service areas with a population of 100,000 or less.

    Example Project Types:

    • Short-range transit development plans
    • Transit marketing plans
    • Site selection studies
    • Transit service implementation plans
    • Ridership survey
    • Social service improvement studies
  • Transit Planning Student Internships: The objective of the Transit Planning Student Internship program is to provide student internships in transit planning at public transportation agencies. The intent is to foster the education of university and community college students with an interest in the field of transit planning. Internships are for students only.

Additional Tools and Information:

For more information on ORIP's Adminstered Transportation Grants, please reference Section 5 of the 2010 Regional Planning Handbook.

Staff Contacts:

La Nae Van Valen, Senior Transportation Planner
Priscilla Martinez Velez, Associate Transportation Planner