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California Regional Progress Report

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The 2010 California Regional Progress Report presents a framework for measuring sustainability based on twenty integrated, place-based quality-of-life regional indicators. Regional-scale issues such as air quality, housing affordability, vehicle miles traveled and electricity use form the basis for assessing the combined impact of regional outcomes on the state's sustainability.

Data needs are highlighted for important regional-scale indicators that currently lack widespread or accurate measurement, including tracking new development, combined housing and transportation costs, and equity. The report calls for dialogue among state, regional, and local governments to share strategies, address disparities, define sustainability, and improve sustainability measurement.

Report sponsors include Caltrans, The Strategic Growth Council, California Forward, and multiple regional and non-profit partners.


View the Scoping Report for the 2010 California Regional Progress Report.

2007 CA Regional Progress Report


The 2007 California Regional Progress Report was the state's first statewide regional quality-of-life indicators report. The 2007 report was based on the Regional Blueprint program goals and provided an initial benchmark for regional performance. The 2007 report presented 27 place-based indicators based on a framework of the blueprint goals and the 3 P's - people, place, and prosperity.



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