California Department of Transportation

Student/Volunteer Program

The Student Assistant Program has been discontinued due to the State budget.

The Student Assistant Program gives qualified students a paid, insiders view of the Department of Transportation (Department), while completing their degree. Student Assistants can also gain valuable skills for use in their academic and career pursuits.

The Division of Transportation Planning consists of eight offices that carry out different planning functions for Caltrans and it’s partners. Student Assistants are assigned work in various areas of Transportation Planning. For additional information about the Division of Transportation Planning, please click on our link (DOTP).

For the Department’s Student Assistant job vacancies in other offices, check the InternSource at (Click on "Internships" on the left navigation bar on the InternSource main page.)

For additional information contact Marleece Peart.

The Department’s Volunteer Program is a non-paid position that offers training opportunities that will assist people in fulfilling their career development goals.