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Relinquishment Assessment Report

Relinquishment is the act and the process of legally transferring property rights, title, liability and maintenance responsibilities of a portion or entirety of a state highway or a park-and-ride lot to another entity. The removal of a highway or associated facilities, either in whole or in part, from the State Highway System (SHS) requires approval by the Califonia Transportation Commission. The Relinquishment Assessment Report (RAR) is the initial step in the relinquishment process for legislative enactment type relinquishments and relinquishment of park-and-ride lots.

There are four types of relinquishments:

  • Legislative Enactment,
  • Superseded by Relocation,
  • Collateral Facilities (including park-and-ride lots), or
  • Non-motorized Transportation Facilities

Caltrans Districts and Headquarters use the RAR to determine if it is appropriate from a transportation system perspective to pursue the relinquishment of either a route, portion of a route or park-and-ride lot and if it is determined appropriate, to then initiate the full relinquishment process that is outlined in Chapter 25 of the Project Development Procedures Manual. The RAR was formerly kown as the Transportation System Analysis and evaluation (TSAE) report. The two processes and documents are functionally the same. The name change of the TSAE to RAR was made to better reflect the purpose of the document, which is to determine if a relinquishment is appropriate and feasible from an SHS perspective.

The RAR Guidelines provide guidance to Caltrans District Planners during the development of a RAR. It can also be used as a reference tool by other functional units and planning offices. The RAR is an internal Caltrans decision document that enables Caltrans to determine its position on potential relinquishments. It documents the essential elements that should be included in the RAR. All districts should utilize this format to ensure a consistent and coordinated statewide process when reporting on a proposed relinquishment for Headquarters Division of Transportation Planning consideration. Once the RAR is approved by the District and Headquarters, please refer to Chapter 25 of the Project Development Procedures Manual for the next steps.

Please click below for the RAR Guidelines and Template:

Relinquishment Assessment Report Guidelines

Relinquishment Assessment Report Template

And, for your convenience and reference:

Chapter 25 - Project Development Procedures Manual

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