California Department of Transportation

California Freight Mobility Plan (Final)


Section I

            Policies, Strategies, and Implementation

Chapter 1.1 - Vision and Implementation

Chapter 1.2 - Strengths and Needs

Chapter 1.3 - Current Funding Programs

Chapter 1.4 - Guiding Policies, Partnerships, and Outreach


Section II

            Freight System Assets, Condition, Performance, and Forecast

Chapter 2.1 - Freight System Assets

Chapter 2.2 - Freight System Condition and Performance

Chapter 2.3 - Freight Forecast


Section III                      

Context of Freight Issues in California

Chapter 3.1 - Native American Freight Connections

Chapter 3.2 - Economic Context of Freight

Chapter 3.3 - Labor and Workforce Development

Chapter 3.4 - Community and Environmental Context

Chapter 3.5 - Safety, Security, and Resiliency

Chapter 3.6 - Intelligent Transportation Systems and Technology

Chapter 3.7 - California-Mexico Border


End Notes


A. Project List

B. Fact Sheets

B-1: Freight Rail

B-2: Trucking

B-3: Airports

B-3-1: California - Air Cargo

B-3-2: Aerotropolis

B-3-3: Bob Hope Airport

B-3-4: Fresno-Yosemite International Airport

B-3-5: John Wayne Airport

B-3-6: Long Beach Airport

B-3-7: Los Angeles International Airport

B-3-8: Los Angeles/Ontario International Airport

B-3-9: Norman Y. Mineta - San Jose International Airport

B-3-10: Oakland International Airport

B-3-11: Sacramento International Airport

B-3-12: Sacramento Mather Airport

B-3-13: San Diego International Airport

B-3-14: San Francisco International Airport


B-4: Seaports

B-4-1: Port of Benicia

B-4-2: Port of Hueneme/Oxnard Harbor District

B-4-3: Port of Humboldt Bay

B-4-4: Port of Long Beach

B-4-5: Port of Los Angeles

B-4-6: Port of Oakland

B-4-7: Port of Redwood City

B-4-8: Port of Richmond

B-4-9: Port of San Francisco

B-4-10: Port of Stockton

B-4-11: Port of West Sacramento

B-4-12: Unified Port of San Diego


B-5: Border Ports of Entry - Commercial Vehicles

B-5-1: Otay Mesa Port of Entry

B-5-2: Otay Mesa East (SR 11) Port of Entry

B-5-3: Calexico East Port of Entry


B-6: Regional Summaries

B-6-1: Northern California

B-6-2: Sacramento Valley

B-6-3: San Francisco Bay Area

B-6-4: Central Coast

B-6-5: San Joaquin Valley

B-6-6: Los Angeles Basin

B-6-7: San Diego and Imperial Counties

B-7: Caltrans Districts Freight Planning

B-7-1: District 1, Eureka

B-7-2: District 2, Redding

B-7-3: District 3, Marysville

B-7-4: District 4, Oakland

B-7-5: District 5, San Luis Obispo

B-7-6: District 6, Fresno

B-7-7: District 7, Los Angeles

B-7-8: District 8, San Bernardino

B-7-9: District 9, Bishop

B-7-10: District 10, Stockton

B-7-11: District 11, San Diego

B-7-12: District 12, Orange County


C. Glossary

D. Acronyms


F. Network Assets

G. Public Outreach and Stakeholder Participation

G-1: Metrans Stakeholder Survey

G-2: Community Organization Focus Groups

G-3: Public Workshop Materials

G-4: Primary Freight Network Letter

H. Statutory Authority

H-1: Federal Regulations

H-1-1: MAP-21 Freight Provisions

H-1-2: U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

H-2: State Regulations

H-2-1: Assembly Bill 14 - Statutory Authority for Freight Planning

H-2-2: Senate Bill 391

H-2-3: Senate Bill 1228

I. Freight Trend Analysis

I-1: Freight Trend Analysis Introduction

I-2: Farm-to-Market

I-3: California's Central Valley Profile

I-4: Cross Border Issues

I-5: Freight and Sustainability

I-6: Public-Private Partnerships (P3s in Freight)

I-7: Chicago Regional Environmental and Transportation Efficiency Program (CREATE)

I-8: Highway and Rail Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

I-9: Last Mile Delivery/Pick-Up Issues

I-10: Postponement

I-11: Air Cargo

I-12: Panama Canal Expansion

I-13: Nicaraguan Inter-Oceanic Canal

I-14: Inland Ports

I-15: Niche Ports and Bulk Commodities

I-16: Vessel Size and Impact on Ports

I-17: Chassis Management

I-18: Private Railroads and Public Agency Challenges

I-19: Railroad Abandonment and Preservation - State Ownerships Strategies

I-20: Railroad Safety and Security Trends

I-21: Regional and Short Line Railroads

I-22: Railroad Perspectives on Shared Use

I-23: 3D Printing and Production