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Smart Mobility 2010: A Call to Action for the New Decade, also known as The Smart Mobility Framework (SMF) is a planning guide that furthers integration of smart growth concepts into transportation planning in California.

Smart Mobility moves people and freight while enhancing California’s economic, environmental and human recourses my emphasizing:

  • Convenient and safe multimodal travel
  • Speed suitability
  • Accessibility
  • Management of the circulation network
  • Efficient use of land

Smart Mobility responds to the transportation needs of the State’s people and businesses, addresses climate change, advances social equity and environmental Justice, supports economic and community development, and reduces per capita vehicle miles traveled.



SMF Implementation Pilot Studies

Caltrans is developing and testing approaches for implementing Smart Mobility principles concepts and performance measures through a SMF Implementation Pilot Study.
For a summary of the pilot study, take a look at the SMF Implementation Pilot Study Fact Sheet.

The expected results of the pilot study will be briefings, recommendations, and next steps for incorporation of the SMF into planning practices. The final report will consolidate lessons learned, present best practices, identify performance measures, and describe a replicable process for incorporating Smart Mobility into comparable efforts throughout Caltrans and partner agencies’ work.

The SMF Pilot Implementation Study Final Report and other SMF Pilot Study materials will be posted here soon.

The results from this initial Pilot Study are helping shape further implementation efforts. Further implementation of the SMF is currently underway. Stay tuned for more information as the scope of these studies develop.



SMF Related Preliminary Investigations

After the release of the Smart Mobility Framework, the Smart Mobility Branch commissioned preliminary investigations to gain more knowledge on sustainability tools, practices, and smart mobility research. The results of these preliminary investigations helped shape the scope of the SMF Implementation Pilot Study.

  • “Smart Mobility: A Survey of Current Practice and Related Research”, Preliminary Investigation, Caltrans Division of Research & Innovation, April 25, 2012—This report examines completed and ongoing domestic and international research and investigates federal, state and regional activities to assess the current state of the practice of sustainability-oriented planning and performance measurement.



Smart Mobility Framework

The Smart Mobility Framework (SMF), formally known as Smart Mobility 2010: A Call to Action for the New Decade, was prepared by Caltrans in partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Governor's Office of Planning & Research, and the California Department of Housing & Community Development to address both long-range challenges and short-term programmatic actions to implement multi-modal and sustainable transportation strategies in California.

For a summary of the report, take a look the SMF Fact Sheet.

The SMF is a planning framework that helps guide and assess how well plans, programs, and projects meet a definition of "smart mobility". It can be used by both Caltrans and partner agencies in all geographic parts of the State to transform transportation decisions.

Ideally, the SMF can be applied to various levels of plans, programs, or projects (e.g., Regional Transportation and Blueprint Plans, General Plans, corridor plans, specific development proposals, etc.) in all parts of the state (i.e., urban, suburban, and rural).




For more internal and external complete streets resources, see our Resources page.



For more information, contact the Smart Mobility Branch in the Office of Sustainable Community Planning.