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"The Department views all transportation improvements as opportunities to improve safety, access, and mobility for all travelers in California and recognizes bicycle, pedestrian, and transit modes as integral elements of the transportation system."

-Deputy Directive 64-R1, 2008

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Complete Streets Brochure

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Complete Streets
Implementation Action Plan

FY12-13 Final Status Update on implementation of Caltrans 2010 Complete Streets Implementation Action Plan (CSIAP).  Seventy percent of activities were either completed or made significant progress.  See attached summary for key highlights and milestones in Caltrans’ efforts to incorporate complete streets throughout department programs and practices. 




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Complete Streets Implementation

Providing safe mobility for all users, including motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians and transit riders, contributes to the Department's mission/vision: "Improving Mobility Across California".

Successful long-term implementation of this policy is intended to result in:
  • More options for people to go from one place to another
  • Less traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions
  • More walkable communities (with healthier, more active people)
  • Fewer barriers for older adults, children, and people with disabilities.
Economically, complete streets can help revitalize communities, and they can give families the option to lower transportation costs by using transit, walking or bicycling rather than driving to reach their destinations. The Department is actively engaged in implementing its complete streets policy in all planning, programming, design, construction, operations, and maintenance activities and products on the State Highway System.


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Alyssa Begley
Chief, Office of Community Planning
(916) 651-6882

Emily Mraovich

Complete Streets Coordinator
(916) 653-3087

Ann Mahaney
Branch Chief, Sustainable Mobility
Office of Community Planning
(916) 653-4097

1120 N Street, MS-32
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