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Environmental Justice & Community-Based Transportation Planning Grants Program


In FY 2014-15, the Community-Based Transportation Planning (CBTP) and Environmental Justice (EJ) grant programs merged with other Caltrans planning grant programs to form a new Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant Program, managed by the Caltrans HQ Office of Regional Planning.  The Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant Program was created to support the Department’s current Mission:  Provide a safe, sustainable, integrated and efficient transportation system to enhance California’s economy and livability.  During the development of the grant program, a variety of current efforts and initiatives were considered, such as: California Transportation Infrastructure Priorities Vision and Core Concepts; State Smart Transportation Initiative Assessment and Recommendations; Caltrans Program Review Major Actions; California Transportation Plan (CTP) 2040 Vision and Goals; and Smart Mobility 2010 Principles.  The program Overarching Objectives were also identified to ensure consideration of: Sustainability, Preservation, Mobility, Safety, Innovation, Economy, Health, and Equity. 

EJ and CBTP are still eligible to compete under the Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant Program. 


Environmental Justice

The Environmental Justice (EJ) grant program promotes the involvement of low-income and minority communities, and Native American tribal governments in the planning for transportation projects. EJ grants have a clear focus on transportation and community development issues to prevent or mitigate disproportionate, negative impacts while improving mobility, access, safety, and opportunities for affordable housing an economic development.

EJ grants must include public participation components that address the interests of low-income, minority, Native American, and other under-represented communities. In many cases, these communities do not have the resources to influence transportation decisions and project outcomes.


Community-Based Transportation Planning

The Community-Based Transportation Planning (CBTP) grant program promotes transportation and land use planning projects that encourage community involvement and partnership. These grants include community and key stakeholder input, collaboration, and consensus building through an active public engagement process. CBTP grants support livable and sustainable community concepts with a transportation or mobility objective to promote community identity and quality of life. Each grant displays a transportation and/or land use benefit. CBTP grants are approached in many different ways with innovative ideas and opportunities for public participation.



Final Products & Fact Sheets

An online library of final products and fact sheets beginning with grants awarded in FY 06-07 is available at the following link:



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