California Department of Transportation

Transportation Planning - Offices


Office of Smart Mobility and Climate Change - The Office of Smart Mobility and Climate Change works to address a statewide need to improve coordination between transportation planning and decision-making and local land use planning and decision-making.

Office of Freight Planning (OFP) - This office develops strategies, policies and methodologies that work to improve the freight transportation system in California. the freight system in California includes truck, rail, air and seaport industries and is a vital connection between producers and consumers within the state, nationally, and internationally. The Office of Freight Planning also conducts freight related research and provides GIS support to DOTP.

Office of Program & Project Planning - This office increases the level of coordination between Planning and other functional areas to help ensure that projects run smoothly between the different phases necessary to construct a project. Managing and monitoring resources for initial project documents and managing the planning studies is essential for smooth project delivery.

Office of Regional Planning - This office actively engages in the regional transportation planning process with California's Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPAs), Federal, State and Local government agencies. The office also administers funding, such as the Consolidated Planning Grant, advocates Caltrans regional interests, provides legislative comment, and works to incorporate interested parties, such as Native American Tribal Governments, and advocacy groups in the transportation planning process. Participation in programs such as the California Regional Blueprint Planning Program are collaborative planning efforts undertaken by ORIP.

Office of Planning Program Management Support & Research (OPPMSR)

  • Workforce Development Branch - The Office of Workforce Development (OWD) provides oversight and direction in professional development and technical assistance for districts statewide and all divisions reporting to the Deputy Director, Planning and Modal Programs. * Adopt-a-School * Exams * Field Academy * Planning Academy * Planning Horizons * Planning on Track * Planning Phone Roster * Recruitment Program * Rotation Program * Scholarship Program * Senior Forum * Student/Volunteers * Training Courses & Technical Assistance

Office of State Planning (OSP) - This office builds and maintains partnerships within the Department and with other governmental agencies and the private sector to ensure a safe, sustainable and efficient transportation system. The office's major responsibility is the preparation of the state's long-range transportation plan - the California Transportation Plan.

  • Transportation Economics Branch - Part of the Office of State Planning, the Economic Analysis Branch provides transportation decision makers with expert research, analysis and legislative information to ensure productive and efficient use of public resources.

Office of Multi-Modal System Planning (OMSP) - The Office of Multi-Modal System Planning maintains and supports a wide variety of transportation related models, provides technical and analytical support for travel forecasting related data collection, maintains and analyzes U.S. Census data, and produces federal and other mandated reports.