California Department of Transportation

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What is a CSMP?

A CSMP (Corridor System Management Plan) is a comprehensive, integrated management plan for increasing transportation options,
decreasing congestion, and improving travel times in a transportation corridor. A CSMP includes all travel modes in a defined corridor --
highways and freeways, parallel and connecting roadways, public transit (bus, bus rapid transit, light rail, intercity rail) and bikeways,
along with intelligent transportation technologies (which include ramp metering, coordinated traffic signals, changeable message signs
for traveler information, incident management, bus/carpool lanes and carpool/vanpool programs, and transit strategies). A CSMP
incorporates both capital and operational improvements.

Although individual districts are ultimately responsible for completing each CSMP, these plans are developed and implemented in partnership
with regional and local transportation agencies and other partners.

CSMPs are the wave of the future! Caltrans plans to develop CSMPs in all major urban corridors in the state, to improve mobility and optimize
the use of taxpayer dollars.