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California Interregional Blueprint (CIB) Interim Report

Caltrans announces the release of the Final California Interregional Blueprint (CIB) Interim Report. Senate Bill 391 (Liu) requires Caltrans, as part of the development of the California Transportation Plan, to assess how the Metropolitan Planning Organization's Sustainable Communities Strategies (SCS) implementation will influence the configuration of the statewide multimodal transportation system. An SCS is a new element of the MPO's Regional Transportation Plan that demonstrates how development patterns and transportation policies and programs can work together to achieve a region's greenhouse gas reduction targets from cars and light trucks. The CIB's Interim Report's assessment of how implementation of the three adopted SCS could influence the configuration of the statewide multimodal transportation system showed that MPOs are putting a high emphasis on transit capacity and connectivity, active transportation projects, and managed lane investments. SCS implementation could also influence statewide travel patterns by expanding their support of location efficient development patterns. The CIB Interim Report is the first step toward developing the California Transportation Plan 2040, which will finalized by December 31, 2015.

Building On RTP Updates

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