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Training and Study Materials

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Power Line Safety for Surveyors

Learning Objectives: Students will have an understanding of the hazards, risks, laws, and Department procedures associated with working near power lines, and the knowledge and training to make sound decisions to ensure their personal safety, and the safety of co-workers.

PCPI -Or- Amazon are good resources for Surveying and Engineering books and exam study literature

Previous PLS Exams 1980-1992 & 2005

BLM Reference Materials

California Laws for Land Surveyors

Adverse Possession and Prescriptive Easements in California

Trig and Curve formulas

Preamble Examples for Legal Descriptions

Plain Language Rules - The Plain language pamphlet of the important laws and the Board rules regulating the practice of professional land surveying in California

Corner Record Card w/Forms - Corner Record Check List

County Engineers Guide to Preparation of Corner Records and Records of Surveys - March 2009

CAL - Nevada Boundary Dispute

Georgia - Tennessee Boundary Dispute

Geodesy for the Layperson

2016 ALTA/NSPS Standards

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