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LS/LSIT Video Exam Preparation Course Workbook

Welcome to the California Department of Transportation LS/LSIT Exam Preparation course.

This course is intended for Caltrans employees preparing for the California Land Surveyor (LS) or Land Surveyor in Training (LSIT) examinations. Materials presented in this course are typical of examination subjects and are not intended to be a comprehensive, complete, or exhaustive coverage of the entire scope of land surveying practices. Users of this workbook and accompanying videos assume all responsibility for its use. Caltrans, the Editor, and the various contributors to the workbook and accompanying videos do not accept or assume any responsibility for its use, including responsibilities for errors, omissions, and oversights in preparation of the materials included in the workbook and accompanying videos. Users of this workbook and accompanying videos should contact the California State Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists regarding their current rules and schedules for LSIT and LS Examinations prior to taking either examination. This course is designed so that you may study at your own pace. You may view or print each section of the workbook as needed, and view the corresponding video using Windows Media Player. To get the most out of the course be sure to read the Introduction first.

The following Course files are Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) files. Each chapter can be downloaded. To download the chapters, right click on the chapter name and select 'Save Target as' from the popup choices.

The video files that accompany the Courses are Windows Media files (*.asf). Microsoft Windows Media Player is necessary to view the videos. The video files are in a non-downloadable streaming format.

Although surveying technology has changed dramatically since this study course was developed in the early 1990s, the basic principles, concepts and math have remained the same.

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Cover Page / Table of Contents / Introduction & Acknowledgments

Unit 1 Exam Preparation 1-1 - Video 1

Unit 2 Basic Survey Math 2-1 - Video 2A - Video 2B

Unit 3 Basic Measurements 3-1 - Video 3A - Video 3B

Unit 4 Azimuth Determination by Celestial Observation 4-1 - Video 4

Unit 5 Traversing 5-1 - Video 5

Unit 6 Leveling 6-1 - Video 6

Unit 7 Route Surveying 7-1 - Video 7

Unit 8 Areas and Volumes 8-1 - Video 8

Unit 9 Photogrammetry 9-1 - Video 9

Unit 10 The Global Positioning System 10-1 - Video 10

Unit 11 The California Coordinate System 11-1 - Video 11A - Video 11B

Unit 12 U.S. Public Land Survey System 12-1 - Video 12A - Video 12B

Unit 13 Principles of Boundary Determination 13-1 - Video13A - Video 13B

Unit 14 Water Boundary Location 14-1 - Video 14

Unit 15 Legal Descriptions 15-1 - Video 15A - Video 15B

Unit 16 California Law for Surveyors 16-1 - Video 16

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